Music Business 104: Synchronization Licenses and Royalties TUTORiAL

Music Business 104: Synchronization Licenses and Royalties


Visual media is everywhere. This means that music “Sync” licenses are a great way to generate income from your tracks. Learn how your compositions can become solid platinum in this important course by music biz expert, Dr. Paul Bissell.
It’s simple: visuals need music. Whether it be film, TV, web or any other media, your music – when synchronized to visuals – requires a separate, special license called a Synchronization License. This so-called “Sync” license gives the producer of the visuals limited rights to synchronize your music to picture. So, what does this mean? Very simply: More money in your pocket!

In this course, the highly informative and always entertaining Dr. Paul Bissell leads you through the whole sync licensing process. You learn all about the synchronization basics from the perspective of all the different players involved; the producer to the composer and everyone in between. Dr. Paul explores negotiation tactics, contracts, fees, PROs and cue sheets. You learn all about Work-For-Hire agreements and how they may impact your ability to monetize your music in the long-term.

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