SAMPLES-Audio Cut ‘N It Up Vol.2 CD1-4 CDDA WAV-TNC

Audio Cut ‘N It Up Vol.2 CD1-4


Producer John Tejada is back with more! The first Cut’n it Up took off so fast, we just had to do another one! Cut’n it Up 2 is packed to the gills with more brand new, all license-free sounds- construction kits, drum hits like no other, breaks, bass, guitars, keys, organs and more of John’s unmatched scratching madness! This time a 4 disc set (2 audio, 2 WAV/ACID) of raw Hip Hop and R&B sounds are assembled here so you don’t have to waste countless hours digging and digging… so get back to your music! Insert these sounds into you mix and see for yourself what all the hype is about.

Mark the Release TNC | 26/05/02 | 1.49 GB
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SAMPLES-Alien Guitars Vol.2 CD1-2 WAV-AI

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Alien Guitars Vol.2 CD1-2


With Alien Guitars 1 many thought Sisko and Libertino had taken the post-modern guitar to its logical end. Ironically, it was only the beginning… Alien Guitars 2 picks up right where Volume 1 stops. The goal? To utilize every gadget and technique available to mutilate any recognizable sound of a guitar. Conjured from the guitar by way of hardware, software and demented wetware you will visit: “Paturn”- loops & linear melodic patterns, “Dark Matter”- sinister soundscapes and supernatural environments, “Aquatica”- the sounds of liquid guitars, “The Temple of Sonos”- spiritual sounds and healing tones, “Luceslantra”- glistening textures and harmonics of light, the “Rainforest”- exotic birds, insects and animals of the sonic jungle and “Passport Kontrol”- sounds of exotic locales within the imaginary universe… you get the idea.

Mark the Release AI | 11-30-2004 | 1.06 GB
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Total Recording Book and Audio CD CDDA TUTORIAL

Total Recording Book and Audio CD


‘Total Recording’ is the complete and comprehensive guide to audio production and engineering musical recordings in all genres. Written by Grammy-nominated recording engineer/composer/author/industry consultant/researcher/guru Dave Moulton, it’s the product of over three decades worth of professional experience.
Along with its companion CD of audio examples, this thoroughly current package is chock-full of in -depth information for professionals and students alike about the entire recording process…

Mark the Release AI | 11.10.2005 | 1 CD (.bin/.cue) | English | 390 MB
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Sonic Mayhem Noize Loops Toxic Textures 2CD 24BiT WAV SAMPLES

Sonic Mayhem Noize Loops Toxic Textures 2CD 24BiT


tox·ic (tok’sik) : Capable of causing injury or death, especially by chemical means; a dump for toxic industrial waste
After the success of the original, award-winning “Noize Loops” sample CD, sonic mayhem is following up with their latest release, “Noize Loops: Toxic Textures,” a massive 2-disc collection of chemically altered Atmosphere’s. “Toxic Textures” Super Material included Ambient beds, bizarre soundscapes, dark drones, evolving drones , Orchestral beds, Stingers, Hits, swells and more. A must possess and dominate for producer of movies, trailers, commercials, videogames and music production.

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