TUTS-Avid Media Composer 8 Essential Training-ELOHiM

Avid Media Composer 8 Essential Training


Avid Media Composer 8 Essential Training is a start-to-finish, project-based course designed to get you up to speed on every aspect of Avid Media Composer.
Staff author Ashley Kennedy begins with a fast-track chapter that breaks down the entire editing process into eight steps-great as an overview for new editors, and a good crash course in Media Composer for editors migrating from other platforms. She then focuses on getting you comfortable with each stage of the editing process-from preparation and organization to editing and refining, to audio and effects, to media management and output. Each post-production technique is explained thoroughly and concisely, using real-world examples from a documentary-style promo project. Dive in and learn how to take your projects from concept to creation.

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Film Score and Composer Pack WAV SAMPLES

Film Score and Composer Pack


‘Film Score & Composer Pack’ stocks you up with everything from elaborate horn sections and emotional string arrangements, to Ambient samples and cutting-edge sound effects. Combined with Premier Sound Bank’s assistance, your creativity is given full reign to produce soundscapes to shift the mood of listeners, bound only to the limits of your imagination.
Whether you are preparing to score a film, or simply enjoy incorporating live orchestral instruments into your music, this pack serves as a great tool to apply to your projects.

With a total of 273 sounds included, Premier Sound Bank provide you with the building blocks needed to create the highest quality film scores and Orchestral sessions possible.
Check out this official film score pack and begin channelling your imagination immediately!

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Soundtrack Composer MULTiFORMAT SAMPLES

Soundtrack Composer


Over 100 mood evoking Cinematic Loops in 24bit, arranged into 8 professional soundtrack song kits. Suitable for use music productions & soundtrack projects.
Cancel that casting call, a star is in our midst! “Soundtrack Composer” is a scene-stealing sample super package new from PL! This fresh angle on cinematic sound delivers depth, drama and suspense to any production, from the establishing shot to the closing credits, with a wide array of atmospheres, all formatted and ready for your final cut!

Featuring 8 fully arranged scores, each evoking a different mood, you can chop, change and rearrange them all to compliment your montage or build-up to that money shot! Totaling over 100 separate loops and 35 one-shot samples specifically crafted for cinematic perfection in 24-bit high definition quality!
Characterized by deep impacts to put the punch in your plot, a selection of dissonant drones to support the shocks, drama defining minimal build-ups and drawn out strings to add the suspense “Soundtrack Composer” has a sound for every setting from inner city to outer space. The sublime variation in sound also allows you to extend your use of these tracks to computer games, award ceremonies and many other big-budget productions.

WAV:204MB | REX:185MB | LiVE:170MB | AiFF:200MB | REFiLL:350MB | MPC:213MB

DISCOVER | 29 NOVEMBER 2013 | 1.29GB
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Hip Hop Composer Refills v1.0.1 COMPLETE SAMPLES

Hip Hop Composer Refills v1.0.1 COMPLETE

 SAMPLES | 3.51 GB

Hip Hop Composer is the new Reason 5 refill super package from Goodness Gracious Productions. Perfectly matched for today’s Hip Hop, Electronic and Dance producers, HHC is its own virtual workstation of sounds. This huge collection comes packed as two refills totaling 3.7GB (approximately 8 8GB unpacked!) and is made up of Leads, Basses, Pads, Keys, Strings, Horns, Arpeggios and Drums. Right out of the box, HHC instruments possess and dominate been layered and crafted for a thicker, radio-ready feel over other sound libraries that may need a lot of mixing or tweaking to fit your song. With patches ranging from layered Combinators to NNXT, Mälstrom, Subtractor, Thor, Redrum and Kong, HHC has the capabilities to fulfill any songwriter’s needs.

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