D3 Loops FM8 Emotion KSD MiDi


D3 Loops FM8 Emotion

KSD MiDi | 8.79 MB

FM8 Emotion consists of 109 percussion based presets made with the FM8 motion sequencer.
Aimed towards DUBSTEP , and also useful for HIP HOP , Drum & Bass or Minimal styles, this super package has a selection of sequenced sounds from high and mid percussion, blips, scrapes and noise sweeps to vocal synths and background FX loops, wobbles, and sub bass slides.

Every element in this super package will assist you with adding motion, groove and a touch of obscurity to your tracks.
Each preset comes with a MIDI file so you know in which key the preset was constructed and its length.
FM8 Emotion presets represented as made with the motion sequencer and not the arpeggiator, but each one has arpeggiator settings, so flick it on to further chop and slice.

Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX 21 June 2013

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