In DDL ́s new series we record anything useful in the HOUSE and create cool loops with this material for the production of pushing Tech & Deep & Tribal & Minimal HOUSE and Techno.
The first edition of „Rhythm HOUSE “ covers the kitchen. Some of these loops come with crazy effects and others represented as left dry, for you to choose your own.

As well all single hits represented as accessable, which gives you the possibility to create your very own loops, too. (666 files in total, 567 MB)
*Note: One Kick drum was used in the demo, all the rest is from this super package.

Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX 1 July 2013

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DDL Deep Massive KSD NMSV


DDL Deep Massive

 KSD NMSV | 5.7 MB

Deep Data Loops offers the first sounds super package for Native Instrument ́s Massive synth. Rene Breitbarth built 100 exciting preset sounds to create cool Deep HOUSE tunes on the fly.All presets can be modulated by 8 programmed macros for control freaks.
These sounds can naturally also be used for numerous other genres – all that makes this release a guaranteed long time enjoyment.
*Note: Drum elements in the demo represented as mostly taken from „Rene Breitbarth – Drums Only Vol.1“

Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX 24 June 2013

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DDL Berlin Underground WAV SAMPLES


DDL Berlin Underground


DDLbrings another finest Deep HOUSE and Tech HOUSE grooves release. With “Berlin Underground“ you can be sure to get the hottest sound of the town produced by Rene Breitbarth, who served many years as a DJ at Club der Visionäre and who knows what ́s up to date in contemporary club music.

320 MB distributed in 10 themes for driving and smooth tracks.
113 loops in total – just the right basis for your output.

Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX 09 May 2013

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Smooth HIP HOP


Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX 26 March 2013

This loop super package provides 50 quality laid back HIP HOP themes, ready to use as instrumentals for your voice-overs or to go beyond and use them as a basis for your own creations.
We ́re speaking of a colorful mix of 1,32 GB oldskool to newskool flavour loops.

The themes represented as just enough to stand on their own but also leave space for individual ideas.
While all beat and musical content is available as mixdowns and additionally split into pieces, full control is given.„Smooth HIP HOP “ comes with a total of 505 sound files to chill or get ill. Continuar leyendo “DDL Smooth Hip Hop WAV SAMPLES”

DDL One Shot Wonderland WAV SAMPLES Ableton Live VST PLUGINS Synths


DDL One Shot Wonderland

WAV SAMPLES Ableton Live VST PLUGINS Synths | 151 MB

Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX 12 March 2013

This super package not only presents fine unique One Shot samples for the use in numerous music styles, it ́s heart actually is a special programmed arpeggiator for the Novation Launchpad (made for Ableton ́s Live – 8.2 or higher needed).

Rather than explaining this crazy thing we advice to watch the following demo video: Naturally this super package ́s 329 samples can be used without a Launchpad and Live to produce kicking Techno, (Deep) HOUSE , HIP HOP , ELECTRO , Experimental, Ambient and more. Additionally we provided VST PLUGINS sampler instruments with all the one shots of the super package implemented for quick starting. Continuar leyendo “DDL One Shot Wonderland WAV SAMPLES Ableton Live VST PLUGINS Synths”

DDL NuDance Puzzles WAV SAMPLES MiDi


DDL NuDance Puzzles


Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX 06 March 2013

represented as you looking for punchy Nu Disco / Indie Dance rhythms or emotional Italo HOUSE / 80s Disco melodies? NuDance Puzzles brings all of that and more with 677 files of superb ideas for your producing pleasure.

50 themes represented as divided into its elements, summing up 533 WAV SAMPLES loops of beats and harmonies. For optimal usage the melodic elements represented as also availabe as MIDI files (144). On top of that, not only catchy synth hooks represented as used but also real live bassguitar lines represented as integrated for the propper authentic feeling. Continuar leyendo “DDL NuDance Puzzles WAV SAMPLES MiDi”

DDL Rene Breitbarth Loops Vol.7 WAV SAMPLES

DDL Rene Breitbarth Loops Vol.7 WAV SAMPLES

DDL Rene Breitbarth Loops Vol.7

  Rene Breitbarth Loops Vol.7 WAV SAMPLES | 531 MB

Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX 10 NOVEMBER 2012

It ́s time again for Rene Breitbarth Loops! Volume 7 of our main series brings along 371 loops in total (780 MB). Plenty of new unique quality ingredients for Deep HOUSE , Tech HOUSE and Minimal creations. Many loops include single instrument access and variations for easy handling. Even construction loops represented as now available. Here you ́ll find anything to make complete floorfiller tracks right away.

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