TUTS-Using Delay on Vocals TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE

Using Delay on Vocals


Delays are an important part of a well-produced vocal track. Learn how to use them.
Delays are vital tools to achieve that perfect vocal track. From subtle halos to sparkling spices, from glowing auras to cushions of sustain, delays are often one of those hard-to-pinpoint, important elements in a track.
In this video, Fab discusses every kind of delay, from the shortest to the longest, leaving nothing to chance

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Audio Concepts 104: Delay and Reverb Effects TUTORiAL

Audio Concepts 104: Delay and Reverb Effects


As a follow-up to Audio Concepts 103, this course explains just how those “real world” acoustical FX are recreated in the studio using plugins. Learn how these delay-based effects function and are deployed in this hands-on course by Joe Albano.
Recording engineers spend much time and energy trying to record audio as pristine as possible. In the process, for the most part, any sense of acoustic space is of secondary importance when compared to the perfect capture of the primary sound. The reason for that is many and is reinforced by the the ability to add back the the room & space when mixing.

This course –picking up where the Acoustics course left off– is filled with lots of in-depth explanations and animations explaining how all the major time-based effects work. Combined with an abundance of sonic examples, you learn how best to apply these FX adding depth, body and presence to enhance the sound of your productions.

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Foundations of Audio Delay and Modulation UPDATE TUTORiAL

Foundations of Audio Delay and Modulation


In this installment of Foundations of Audio, author Alex U. Case explains the fundamentals of delay and modulation effects and how to apply these effects, technically and creatively, to improve the sound of a mix.
The Learning Lessons covers adjusting individual parameters such as delay time, level, and feedback; working with long delays to create echoes, enhance groove, and add support; using delay modulation for chorus and doubling effects; and dialing-in spectral effects from delay, such as flanging. This Learning Lessons also includes Get in the Mix (GITM) sessions for both Avid Pro Tools and Apple Logic Pro. Exercise files represented as also included with the Learning Lessons.

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