TUTS-Kontakt 302: Advanced Instrument Design TUTORiAL

Kontakt 302: Advanced Instrument Design


This advanced instrument design course, by Scott Freiman, gives you the knowledge to unleash the programming power in NI’ Kontakt. Learn how to create the Kontakt instrument you’ve always dreamed of!
In Scott’s previous course you saw how to build basic, sample instruments. In this course, you learn how make those simple, sample-based instruments really rock! That’s because Scott opens up Kontakt’s amazing toolkit to reveal a remarkable set of “kustom” tools you can deploy to enhance, control and add life to those instruments.

You first learn Kontakt’s signal flow and it’s array of advanced playback modes. Scott then takes you through Kontakt’s Beat, Time and Tone Machines. You get inside info on Speed Control, the Amplifier Module and how to create sound-enhancing FX sends and returns. OK, here come the modulators (and Kontakt is loaded with them)! These modulators include envelopes, sequencers, envelope followers and glide, along with an unlimited set of external sources too! Along with the FX, these mods can be assigned, at will, to add realism to your samples or to create wild, out-of-control, insane sonic universes!

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TUTS-Logic Pro X 209: Ultrabeat Drum Design Workshop TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE

Logic Pro X 209: Ultrabeat Drum Design Workshop


As a follow-up to Steve H’s hit Logic course: Ultrabeat Unleashed, we’ve “unleashed” Logic expert Rishabh Rajan to focus on the basics of Ultrabeat drum sound design! Watch this course and take your Ultrabeat chops to yet a higher level!
Ultrabeat is Logic’s ultimate beat-making masterpiece. Behind every one of its presets, and lurking just beneath its complicated virtual faceplate, is a very powerful sound design and drum-making laboratory.

In this course, Logic Pro expert trainer Rishabh Rajan reveals some of Ultrabeat’s hidden programming secrets to help you design, devolve, destroy and regenerate kicks, snares, hi hats, toms and other percussion sounds to add to your original drum sound library!

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Sound Design Tools WAV SAMPLES

Sound Design Tools


has released Sound Design Tools, an epic collection of sound effects, foley sounds and electronic drum loops created by Gavin Thibodeau aka Embra.
Gavin was working on this sound collection for more than six months, using Ableton Live as the main audio workstation and several 3rd party plugins for processing the sounds. The final product contains 36 drum loops and 324 one shot samples in 24-bit WAV format. A NI Reaktor sample map is also included in one of the folders and an updated version of the library containing NKI and SFZ mappings will be released soon.

It’s hard to describe this fantastic sample collection in just a few words, because it contains so many brilliant sounds which don’t really fit into a single category. On one hand, there’s a folder which contains a bunch of great sounding foley samples, captured from loads of different sound sources such as hydraulic engines, metallic hits, water splashes, etc. Then you have the processed foley sounds which are completely glitched out and which would perfectly fit a sci-fi movie soundtrack or a futuristic movie trailer. Most of these processed sounds could also work as percussive hits or as glitchy SFX bits which you could use for layering on top of rhythmic sequences.

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Zodiac Experimental Sound Design KONTAKT SAMPLES

Zodiac Experimental Sound Design


Zodiac is a unique-sounding Virtual Instrument designed to provide composers and producers with a collection of original sounds and instruments suitable for film or TV scores, video games, and all types of ambient and experimental music.

No synthesizers were used to create the instruments in Zodiac. Instead, all instruments were created from organic sources such as found sounds, sonic manipulations inspired by classic Musique Concrete, Experimental and Avant Garde Music compositions, prepared or heavily processed musical instruments, and audio recordings subjected to extreme sound design techniques.
Zodiac Featuring Chronicle This over 200 patches and Multis (over 8GB of uncompressed wav data), divided into six categories:
Pads & Atmospheres
Melodic Instruments
Bass Instruments
Percussive Instruments
Experimental Instruments
Zodiac Kits

Mark the Release PiRAT | Date: 03 December 2013
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AV Live 9 402: Killer Sound Design TUTORiAL


 Live 9 402: Killer Sound Design

AV   TUTORiAL | 287 MB

Sound designers can create any sonic FX and audio worlds that they can imagine. See the art and science of how sounds represented as designed, constructed and produced in this Ableton Live-based Learning Lessons by Certified Trainer Timo Preece…
This 41-tutorial Learning Lessons is a sound designer’s dream come true. Expert Timo Preece takes you through his well thought-out Ableton Live audio design curriculum exposing sonic secrets and expanding your techniques to help you understand the complexities of sonic sculpting.

Watch as Timo builds deceptively complex layering techniques. Learn advanced compression, signal flow and audio routing tricks. Then come along for the ride as Timo plunges deep into the depths of cool modulation and rhythmic gating FX.

SYNTHiC4TE | Sept 28 2013 | 287.5 MB
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TMM Sound Design For Trance Module 6 Bonus Sounds TUTORiAL


 Sound Design For Trance Module 6 Bonus Sounds


In Module 6, Bonus Sounds, you’ll learn how to create 12 bonus sounds with new timbres not covered in the previous modules.

14 videos total, comprising nearly 3.5 hours of instruction show you how to create the following sounds…

SYNTHiC4TE | August 09 2013 | 2.02 GB

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