BCA DP Meter Pro v4.02 x86 x64 PROPER


BCA DP Meter Pro v4.02

 x86 x64 PROPER | 25 MB

Blue Cat’s DP Meter Pro (DPMP) is a unique audio analysis tool: it combines very flexible and customizable audio meters with advanced side chaining control capabilities thanks to its MIDI and automation outputs.
The metering capabilities of the DPMP plug-in let you control and monitor audio signals exactly the way you want: almost every aspect of the peak, RMS and crest factor meters can be customized. It proposes five different scales by default, including Bob Katz’s popular K-System scales (K-12, K-14, K-20), and you can create your own.

Large colored statistics displays following your own scales represented as included for an overview of a track, while histograms give you a precise measurement of the dynamic range of the track. The graphs show the evolution of the audio envelopes over time, and the mid-side switch lets you verify mono compatibility problems and check the “stereoness” of your audio sources very easily. Whether you represented as working with mono, stereo or surround tracks, this plug-in will fit into your workflow.

CHAOS | April 17 2013 | 25.82 MB

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