Channel Robot Solid Snare For Drumagog


Channel Robot Solid Snare

 For Drumagog | 233 MB

DISCOVER | 31 JANUARY 2013 | 233MB
Solid Snare:Drumagog featuring chronicle this a meticulously recorded set of samples from 116 different snare drum instruments, recorded in 24-bit wav files, at 8 different velocity layers, and including 5 variations for each velocity layer(round-robin). A total of 40 wav files for each instrument.
Solid Snare featuring chronicle this a wide range of sampled acoustic and electronic snares, all custom edited to appear in 8 different drumagog groups for realism in Drumagog 5. Over 500MB of sound data is included in more than 4700 wav files. Continuar leyendo “Channel Robot Solid Snare For Drumagog”