SAMPLES-Loopboutique Dubstep Tools WAV-SONiTUS

Loopboutique Dubstep Tools


Dubstep Tools comes stacked with essential beat building elements custom made to get the dancefloor bouncing. From ready-rolled grooves and kick-free tops to stripped kick-, hat-, snare- or perc-only loops, the collection delivers a bumper selection of beat bounty, plus sleazy-ridden synth-based loops for track starting inspiration.
The collection kicks off with 16 Action loops – messed up melodic loops which contain a mixture of filthy glitched synthesis and vox snatches – for instant track hooks.

Dubstep Tools boasts 53 pounding drum workouts that are designed to form the solid backbone of a dubstep monster, instantly. Many drum loops come with 1 or 2 variant mixes containing added hat or percussion elements.
Next comes a selection of 24 kick-free tops – just loaded your kick (and kick pattern) of choice and work the groove.
Get deeper in the groove – load up and layer the percussion and vox grooves for complex floor rocking rhythms.

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