Sonic Implants Symphonic Woodwinds Collection ORiGiNAL GIGA DVD9


Sonic Implants Symphonic Woodwinds Collection

 ORiGiNAL GIGA DVD9 | 4.6 / 4.5 / 3.6 GB

The Symphonic Woodwinds Collection, featuring solo and ensemble Piccolo, C, & Alto Flutes, Bb, Eb & Bass Clarinets, Bassoon & Contra Bassoons, Oboes, and English Horns, is one of the newest additions to the SONiVOX premium Symphonic Collection. A Woodwind collection like none other, recorded in a fabulous hall equipped with state of the art recording equipment, SISW featuring chronicle this a broad selection of articulations, all performed by Boston’s finest Symphonic players, and a Emmy and RIAA award winning engineering Mark the Release.

Extra realism, a perfect blend with the other volumes of the Symphonic Collection, and Sonic’s well deserved reputation for superb playability, programming, and quality; make this the Woodwind Collection of choice. Recorded at Sonic Temple Studios, Roslindale, MA.

Mark the Release: KRock | Date: 25 April 2013 | Size: 4.68 GB + 4.55 GB + 3.64 GB

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BS Halls Of Fame


32 Bit True Stereo High Definition Impulse Responses from the World’s Most Famous Reverb Units! Act on impulse! This collection of IRs from the world’s most famous reverb units takes your convolution reverb plugin to the next level. Produced on state-of-the-art equipment for maximum resolution, ultra-low noise levels and pristine, transparent sound quality.

Using tailor-made test and production methods, the people at the renowned Soniclab studio obtained stunning audio quality that actually matches that of the original equipment. 32 Bit True stereo technology was used to accurately reflect the signal positions, leaving the soundstage of the mix intact. Deconvolution side effects were EQ’d out carefully, and no automatic batch processing was used.
best selected HDIR (High Definition Impulse Response) technology delivers unparalleled precision.

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Kirk Hunter Pop Rock Strings KONTAKT SAMPLES SCD DVD9


Kirk Hunter Pop ROCK Strings


February 2013 | 7.56GB
Great sounding, ready-to-go, strings for your pop and ROCK productions. Degree in Classical Arranging not required to create stunning, ultra realistic string arrangements. Kirk Hunter Pop/ROCK Strings was created specifically for today’s pop and ROCK productions. It sounds great out of the box, eliminating the need for you to spend hours tweaking samples for your style of music. Continuar leyendo “Kirk Hunter Pop Rock Strings KONTAKT SAMPLES SCD DVD9”

Elephorm – Apprendre Ableton Live 8 DVD9 TUTORIAL


Elephorm – Apprendre Ableton Live 8


ISO | Français | 17 H 03 Min | 7.9 GB
Formez vous à Ableton Live 8 avec un spécialiste de l’audionumérique, votre elephormateur Agni Akkitham certifié Ableton. Elephorm vous propose à travers ce tutoriel vidéo compatible Mac/PC, une formation complète en français sur Ableton Live 8, le séquenceur Audio & Midi qui a révolutionné la création musicale MAO de ces dernières années. Que vos attentes relèvent d’une orientation production et composition ou d’une orientation DJ, cet expert répond à toutes vos questions. (17h de formation vidéo). (CETTE FORMATION CONVIENT ÉGALEMENT EN GRANDE PARTIE A L’APPRENTISSAGE DE LIVE INTRO).
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Art of the Bow TUTORiAL DVD9

TUTORIAL DVD9″ alt=”Art of the Bow TUTORIAL DVD9″ src=”” border=”0″ />

Art of the Bow TUTORIAL DVD9

Art of the Bow TUTORIAL   | 5.1 GB

Mark the Release SONiTUS 12.2012

Francois Rabbath is one of the most influential teachers of the double bass in the history of the instrument. This DVD is an award-winning serious endeavor, a 3.5 hour double sided disc with interviews, live performance footage, biomechanics animations, multiple camera angles that people can switch between as the DVD plays. It gives you a far more in-depth picture of a great artist performing than anything else ever produced. Continuar leyendo “Art of the Bow TUTORiAL DVD9”