SAMPLES-Bunker 8 Dubstep Monolith Vol 2 MULTiFORMAT DVDR-DYNAMiCS

Bunker 8 Dubstep Monolith Vol 2


Bunker 8 ‘Dubstep Monolith 2 ‘ is the king size sequel to the massively successful Dubstep Monolith series. This is a 4.3GB collection, containing absolutely the latest in straight to the floor filla dubstep vibes guaranteed to wobble your tracks straight to the top! Bunker 8 presents ‘Dubstep Monolith 2’, a MASSIVE 4.3 GB collection of 10 PREMIUM Construction Kits that definitively summarizes this exciting sub dance genre.

Tripped out delay percussionisms, super sub distil basses, epic transit FX’s, LFO wib wobble basses, depth spawned vocalisms, this collection is sure to please every dub bass enthusiast as well as drawn in composers who wish to inject their tracks with the mysterious shadows that encompass this excitingly demented music form.

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Bunker 8 Accelerator 2


‘Accelerator 2’ is the improved sequel of Bunker 8 ‘Accelerator’. Arriving at over 3.0 GB, this collection of Construction Kits mixes elements of Metalcore, Industrial, Techno, Nu Metal and Hard Rock anthemics. Each kit contains a full sample mix plus all of the elements separated.
Returning from a toxic wasteland infused by the lurking evil of some malevolent inhuman forces roars forth ‘Accelerator 2’. Forming and army malevolent soundscapes that mixes elements of Metalcore, industrial, techno, nu metal and hard rock anthemics, Bunker 8 has come with the perfect elements will corrode your sound scapes beyond recognition.

Bone crushing guitar riffs, Corrosive sub bassics, In your Face drums and Toxic synthetics, these kits are pure evil. These Construction Kits have the angry carnage power your tracks were looking for.
Arriving at over 3.0 GB in total, twice the size of Accelerator 1, this sequel improves on the first by more than 2 times! Each Construction Kit clocks in with Apple loops and Acid loops and Single Hits in all of the major formats representing: Batttery 2, Kontakt 2, DS404, EMU, GigaSampler, HALion, SampleTank, SoundFonts and Wusikstation, the whole cross platform package. These Construction Kits are boiling over with the essential ingredients to push your creativity far from the sameness of the everyday life. Each kit contains a full sample mix, plus all of the elements separated and set out for you to mix and match until the groove sits tight.

Mark the Release DYNAMiCS | Jul 2010 | 1.74 GB
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SAMPLES-Bunker 8 Accelerator vol.4 MULTiFORMAT DVDR-KRock

B8 Accelerator 4 MULTiFORMAT

Bunker 8 Accelerator vol.4


‘Accelerator 4’ returns with the sound that Hardcore fans have been clamoring for. Those powerful elements of Metalcore, thrashing guitars, dark snapping basses and epic drum arrangements fuse those dire elements of Industrial, Techno, Nu Metal and Hard Rock anthemics. Bunker 8 has invited Samuel Gerthan, world renowned thrash guitarist into the mix. Samuel moved his powerful, hard-edged guitar tones and amps, infusing the ‘Accelerator’ series with even more depth and darkness. Any deeper and these subterranean guitar tones would literally move the earth beneath itself in Drop D seven string rhythms.

Bone-crushing guitar riffs, corrosive sub-basses, in your Face drums and Toxic synthetics, these Kits are pure evil. These Construction Kits have the angry carnage power your tracks were looking for.
All guitars were played live and recorded through top quality amplification and a Neve Capicorn Console. For the first time, live bass is added as an essential element and mapped tightly to the fusion of live and programmed drums.

2012 | KROCK | 1.4 GB
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SAMPLES-SampleTekk Black Kontakt Player Edition DVDR-KRock

ST Black Kontakt Player Edition DVDR

SampleTekk Black Kontakt Player Edition


Based on the famous SampleTekk Black Grand, but with refined samples, and the use of SampleTekk’s True Resonance Samples in combination with NI Kontakt Engine, we built a Grand Piano that we feel is our best piano yet!
This instrument shines! With up to 14 velocity layers, Sympathetic Resonance, built in reverb with custom impulses from famous gold plates, digital units, rooms and large springs, it gives you the range that you would expect from a Steinway D Hamburg. From soft spoken pianissimo, to roaring, blistering fortes, the BLACK delivers.

Kontakt Player engine, supporting standalone operation as well as plug-in operation in all major hosts that support AudioUnit, VST, or RTAS plug-ins.

Mark the Release KRock | October 30 2012 | 1.25GB
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Sample Magic Nu Disco


Retro rhythms, pumping bass and smashed-up synthery. Mashing up elements of house, classic French electro and timeless Italo-disco, Nu Disco serves up 600+MB of Indie-Dance melodics, glitched synthery, neon music loops, pumping basslines and more. Song-starting hooks, neo-retro beats, live percussion, chunky chopped-up vox, kinky guitars and classic analogue FX are supplemented with 380 all-new drum hits.

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SAMPLES-Sonic Implants Symphonic Harp KONTAKT DVDR-KRock

Sonic Implants Symphonic Harp


The SONiVOX Symphonic Harp is an exceptional collection of sampled harp tones and glissandi that captures this instrument’s full depth of nuance, finesse, and lyrical expressiveness while providing serious performance flexibility and control. With gigabytes of sample data and a wide variety of programming features, Symphonic Harp affords users an expansive palette of color and texture that is capable, by turns, of silky luxuriousness, delicate inflection, and passionate intensity.

Symphonic Harp users will find that glissandi passages have never been easier to create, whether you’re utilizing the collection’s sampled glissandi, or loading any of the included programmed scales. As the latest offering in Sonic Implants acclaimed Symphonic Series, this library further demonstrates the extraordinary realism achieved by SONiVOX’s distinctive design philosophy and making the SONiVOX Symphonic Harp a library musicians and composers will consider an indispensable addition to their orchestral template.

Mark the Release KRock | September 18 2012 | 1.45GB
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SAMPLES-Ueberschall Soulful Pop Elastik SoundBank DVDR-KRock

Ueberschall Soulful Pop


Soulful Pop is a comprehensive and versatile Pop Music library which delivers over 3.8 GB of authentic, high quality Pop arrangements spiced up with a breeze of soul. The 18 song oriented construction kits (including an intro, a main part, two variations and an outro) have a musical spectrum that ranges from slow soulful songs to smooth pop songs up to classy pop rock songs.

The whole content covers a bandwidth of tempos between 59 – 100 BPM and is filled with more than 1130 loops of precision engineered instrument recordings. All drum recordings are dry and without any extra reverb.
Furthermore the library is stocked with percussions, bass lines, amped and acoustic guitars, organs, various strings, flutes, synthesizer pads, acoustic pianos, Rhodes and other electric pianos. Most of these samples get an additional polish with special gear to achieve an authentic and warm vintage sound.

Mark the Release KRock | September 26 2012 | 1.57GB
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