SAMPLES-Ueberschall Soulful Pop Elastik SoundBank DVDR-KRock

Ueberschall Soulful Pop


Soulful Pop is a comprehensive and versatile Pop Music library which delivers over 3.8 GB of authentic, high quality Pop arrangements spiced up with a breeze of soul. The 18 song oriented construction kits (including an intro, a main part, two variations and an outro) have a musical spectrum that ranges from slow soulful songs to smooth pop songs up to classy pop rock songs.

The whole content covers a bandwidth of tempos between 59 – 100 BPM and is filled with more than 1130 loops of precision engineered instrument recordings. All drum recordings are dry and without any extra reverb.
Furthermore the library is stocked with percussions, bass lines, amped and acoustic guitars, organs, various strings, flutes, synthesizer pads, acoustic pianos, Rhodes and other electric pianos. Most of these samples get an additional polish with special gear to achieve an authentic and warm vintage sound.

Mark the Release KRock | September 26 2012 | 1.57GB
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UB Late Night Session ELASTiC

UB Late Night Session ELASTiC

UB Late Night Session

Late Night Session ELASTiC | 1.4 GB

UB releases its newest sample-library „Late Night Session“. Think yourself back to the times where live music and cool rare tracks ruled the earth. This library keeps funky grooves and various jazz-, pop- and soul-elements. With it‘s Live recorded instruments and the analogue mastering Late Night Session sounds just like an authentic Vinyl production.

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UB Urban

  Urban ELASTiC | 1 GB

„Elastik SAMPLES Inspire Series“ – Urban Urban, from the Elastik SAMPLES Inspire Series, is the ultimate tool for urban producers. A complete package with fat drumloops, bouncing synth bass lines, tight strings, piano licks, harps, organs and many more. Perfect for all styles from RnB to Crunk. The final trump in this game is the „Inspire“ concept.

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