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Electronic Music Production with Ableton Live


Ableton Live 9 is the latest and greatest music software for electronic music. Whether you’re completely fresh to music production or looking to switch to Ableton Live, this is the course for you.
This complete course has over 9 hours of world class tuition from one of the planet’s leading trainers.
Join Ableton Certified Trainer and music producer Simon Stokes (Soma Records) as he guides you on how to create electronic music from start to finish in Ableton Live.
Ableton Live Made Simple!

If you love music, then producing your own is a no-brainer!
But learning your sftware of choice can be a daunting prospect.
That’s where Shoogle Studios come in, with this incredible comprehensive guide to electronic music production using Ableton Live.

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Electronic Music Composition With HAYWYRE TUTORIAL

Electronic Music Composition With HAYWYRE


This course is designed to make you become a better musician, by giving you the principles and concepts you need to be able to write excellent music.
We electronic music producers usually spend far too much time trying to master our sound design and mixing skills, but often overlook and neglect building our composition and music theory skills.

You will not only learn music theory in very easy steps up to a solid level, but you will also learn how the theory fits together with real-world practice, giving you the tools to be able to write great melodies, basslines, harmonies, chord progressions and tracks that actually express the exact vibe you want to create.

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Mixing Electronic Music TUTORiAL

Mixing Electronic Music


GO FROM RAW TO DANCE FLOOR: World-class remixer extraordinaire Timothy Allan is back with a series that will reveal all there is to make a huge, modern sounding electronic dance track right in your DAW. He begins with his remix of the classic dance track “Fine Day” in raw, multi-track form, and mixes from the bottom up, showing you all of his trade secrets along the way.
Shown in Logic, but applicable to any DAW, Tim covers the basics first, such as organizing the session, setting up sidechains, aux tracks for effects and the master bus configuration. Next, he works the kick drum, then whips up a rough mix, and hones in on all the individual elements such as vocals, percussion, synths, bass, pads and strings. He then wraps it up with vocal and effect tweaks that make huge differences in the mix, special kick and bass compression, automation and more.

If you’re striving for that “radio ready” sound and a mix that sounds huge in the clubs, this collection of video tutorials is a must see. After absorbing and applying Tim’s techniques, your electronic music tracks will sound more professional and stand out in the sea of music productions.

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