Miroslav Vitous Woodwinds & Brass Ensembles EMU SAMPLES

Miroslav Vitous Woodwinds & Brass Ensembles


One might say to die for, but perhaps it would be more advisable to stick around and enjoy these first-rate sounds, created by the ex-bassist of Weather Report and an unnamed European orchestra. Digitally recorded in stereo throughout, the ensembles retain just the right amount of ‘hall’ in the sound. Expensive, but very good. The first version of this library had no loops, to the bemusement of keyboard players everywhere, but version 2.0 (reviewed here) contains looped sounds. However, Miroslav Vitous himself considers the unlooped samples superior in quality and strongly urge-using them for mastering, which is fine as long as your composition doesn’t employ any very long notes!

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Northstar The Wizard Vol.1 EMU SAMPLES

Northstar The Wizard Vol.1


The Wizard is a CD-ROM for the E-mu Emulator III/X/ESI/E4, Akai S1000 and Digidesign SampleCell. It has been described as existing somewhere between magic and light, between music and sound effects. The Wizard is perfect for film and video, as well as for pro music effects. Used in such films as “The Lawnmower Man” and “The Tommyknockers”.

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Northstars Studio Acoustic Guitar 16m EMU SAMPLES

Northstars Studio Acoustic Guitar 16m


The Studio Acoustic Guitar is a CD-ROM for the Emulator III/X/ESI/E4, and features 40 banks of instrumentation. We wanted to produce a CD-ROM that would give the feel of a real acoustic guitar with all the strumming techniqes. The result is the The Studio Acoustic Guitar, a stunning re-creation of the instrument which includes over 900 chords which includes all the open tunings as well. Each chord is played in four different strikes with various positions on the fretboard. The guitar itself is a Martin D-28 with nickel wound strings. The Studio Acoustic Guitar contains 40 banks. Over 1,200 presets give you an amazing variety of performance options. Each chord has a variation of a slow picked downstroke arpeggio, finger pull, short picked upstroke, short picked downstroke and chord mute. In addition, we have included single notes picked and fingered with harmonics and all the finger noises.

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E-MU Planet Phatt


In 1997, E-MU introduced its Planet Phatt The Swing System module, especially designed for he hip-hop, trip-hop, and acid-jazz camps. This collection includes 175 presets from that nasty module and is the ultimate sound set for Hip Hop, Rap, and R & B! Basses, drum kits, guitar and vocal hits direct from today’s top artists.

Super Material included:
+ E-MU.Planet.Phatt.KONTAKT

Mark the Release: TZ7iSO | Date: 11.29.03 | Size: 608 MB – 375 MB (Emu) + 233 MB (Kontakt)
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