SAMPLES-Essential Clubsounds Vol 1-4 WAV

VG Essential Clubsounds Vol 1,2,3,4 | WAV SAMPLES

Essential Clubsounds Vol 1-4


Four in one – the most popular collections of samples of club destinations. What the dream of every clubber, who writes his music! The very compact, powerful drums, claps, necessary hi-hat and crash. This collection, just revealed all the secrets of a powerful low-frequency sound brand of club music.

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VG Essential Clubsounds Vol 4 SCD-BX8

VG Essential Clubsounds Vol 4 SCD-BX8

VG Essential Clubsounds Vol 4

Clubsounds Vol 4 SCD-BX8 | 911 MB

VG is back with a VG! The long awaited sample super package has arrived at last: “VG Essential Clubsounds Vol. 4”! With an intensive development time of almost 3 years and over 3100 wav files, VEC4 is our biggest and best sample super package of all time. The “VG Essential Clubsounds” series has influenced the whole genre of club music for the last 8 years and is a integral component in the studios of countless well known dance producers!

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