Free Ethnic EDM Vol.2


Ethnic EDM Vol 2′ continues this totally exclusive series that contains 10 fantastic tracks which mix Ethnic music with EDM. This combination is well-known and very popular thanks to the biggest EDM scene names such as Dmitry Vegas & Like Mike, Major Lazer, W&W, and many others. Featuring original Ethnic instruments, vocals, EDM synths, drums, and MIDIs. All 100% royalty-free.
Many variations of Ethnic flutes, guitars, harps percussion and voices make this pack really rare. In each track the Ethnic elements are perfectly mixed with the biggest and fattest EDM sounds and samples.

Every single track has a different body, verses, builds ups and drops to offer you as huge a scale of EDM style bangers as possible.
Big Room, Melbourne and Progressive style drops are an integral part of this fantastic product, that you simply must have and must hear.

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SAMPLES-Ethnic World Sample Pack 25,000+ Samples MULTIFORMAT

Ethnic World Sample Pack 25,000+ Samples


Sounds Include: Ethnic, World, Mallet, Wind, Flute, Plucked, Marimba, Xylophone, Ethnic Keys, Steel Drums, Toy Box, Woodwind, Oboe, English Horn, Basoon, Flute, Piccolo, Pan Pipes, Himalayan Pipes, Kalimba, Sitar, Neo Satar, Santur, Harp, Koto, Bells, Ethnic Guitar, Ethnic Strings, Bell Hit, Bell Pad, Block, Church Bell, Glocken, Mallet Gong, Music Box, Wind Chime, 12 String, Bandurka, Banjo, Bouzouki, Harmonica, Muted Guitar, Tambura, Tremelo, Alto Sax, Flute Horn, Flute Oboe, Ocarina, Recorder, Mandolin, Indian Strings, Alto Flute, Accordian, Trumpet, Bassoon, Timpani, Dhol, Baglama, Bouzuki, Didgeridoo, Djembe, Khol, Nomad, Sakura, Tabla, Udu, Tambura, Zurna + TONS MORE!!

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