Pro Tools HD v10.3.2 + Update 10.3.4 + EXTRAS


Pro Tools HD v10.3.2 + Update 10.3.4

+ EXTRAS | 6.08 GB

With Pro Tools 10, you can mix multiple audio file formats and bit depths within the same session— including interleaved—without any file duplication to cause project bloat.
Plus, with support for 32-bit floating-point file formats, you’ll get higher resolution sound when recording or importing, with more headroom to preserve the integrity of your audio from beginning to end.
Drive faster—with better performance

Gain better recording and playback performance when working on a laptop with an external drive or a network-attached storage device. Speed up editing and mixing with Clip Gain. Work more easily with AudioSuite-rendered clips. Get 4x more* Automatic Delay Compensation and 2x more busses to handle bigger mixes with more plug-ins. And get snappier performance when working on sessions with lots of fades.
Increased ADC not supported with Pro Tools|HD due to hardware limitations.
Plug into legendary sound.
With the included Avid Channel Strip plug-in, you get the renowned channel strip of the Avid (formerly Euphonix) System 5, one of the most sought-after consoles used to create some of the greatest mixes ever produced. Work with exact replications of the console’s EQ and compression algorithms to add life to your mix. Continuar leyendo “Pro Tools HD v10.3.2 + Update 10.3.4 + EXTRAS”

A Definitive Documentary Of Dub Music From Its Jamaican Roots To Electronic Music Worldwide (Documentary + Extras)


A Definitive Documentary Of Dub Music

Jamaican Roots To Electronic Music Worldwide | 1.3 GB

The documentary “Dub Echoes” shows how the Jamaican invention called dub ended up influencing much of the music we hear today, from electronic music to hip-hop, transforming the studio in a musical instrument and giving way to all of sonic experiments.
Through interviews with over 40 key names on the history of dub, electronic music and HIP HOP , “Dub Echoes” connects the dots between of the otherwise fragmented relation between all this genres.

‘Dub Echoes’ is a newly produced film about Dub, featuring an incredible array of artists, both original Jamaican artists – U Roy, King Jammy, Lee Perry, Sly Dunbar, Bunny Lee (to name a few), alongside a similarly awe-inspiring array of artists who possess and dominate been taken Dub into new directions in electronic dance music – Kode9, Roots Manuva, Howie B, Adrian Sherwood and many more. Directed by Bruno Natal over a three year period, this is a killer film to be watched over and over again! covering Dub in all its different guises.

Year: 2008 | English | AVI | 1.36GB Continuar leyendo “A Definitive Documentary Of Dub Music From Its Jamaican Roots To Electronic Music Worldwide (Documentary + Extras)”