ReValver 4 Mac OSX FiXED


Redesigned from the ground up, ReValver 4 — the latest version of Peavey’s award-winning ReValver modeling software — contains revolutionary amp modeling capabilities that capture the true characteristics of real tube amplifiers.
Running Stand Alone or as an AAX/VST or AU plug-in on Mac or PC, ReValver is renowned for its industry-leading amp modeling accuracy which is achieved by modeling an amplifier down to the component level. Now Peavey has updated and improved the modeling engine in ReValver 4, taking amp modeling to a whole new level of realistic tone-shaping possibilities. ReValver 4 also incorporates a GUI and UX redesign and the ability to run on a Windows® tablet, plus other high-level features including GIG mode, ACT™ (Audio Cloning Technology) and RIR 2 cabinet modeling.
Based on feedback from the extensive ReValver user community, the application’s redesign has been done so to improve user experience and workflow. The GUI now separates pedal board, amps/cabs and effects into their own views, thus minimizing the amount of vertical scrolling needed to navigate the application.

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SoundMorph Galactic Assistant v1.03 Mac OSX FIXED


 SoundMorph Galactic Assistant v1.03

  Mac OSX FIXED | 67 MB

Galactic Assistant is the first synthesizer software specifically made for creating hi-tech interface sounds. Developed for sound designers and musicians alike, it’s the perfect companion for creating a new sonic universe. Use it to design your own hi-tech interface sounds or create glitch or highlights for your musical project.

If you need even more interface sounds, Galactic Assistant is still included for free with our Users of Tomorrow soundpack, which Super material included over 1,800 different high-tech interface sounds, created by our sound design Mark the Release using some of the most leading audio tools and software.
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SL Morphestra KONTAKT SAMPLES + Fixed


SL Morphestra


award-winning Mark the Release presents a powerful collection of creatively new and inventive organic instruments. Morphestra is derived entirely from orchestral recordings and psycho-acoustic sound design.
In association with Kirk Hunter Studios and powered by NI Kontakt Player. Morphestra is an epic collection of over 1200+ instruments and multis available as a convenient direct download.

Morphestra gives users unprecedented control achieved through the NI Kontakt engine. With 5 full tabs of more than 40 onscreen effects and performance parameters, morphing and sculpting has never been easier. Whether in the studio or on stage, this production-ready virtual instrument inspires and delivers on demand. Not to mention, Sample Logic has collaborated with many of the world’s leading composers to provide a massive variety of multis created by composers for composers.

Sounds possess and dominate been recorded from all over the world and include: Symphonic/World percussion, Vocals, Guitars, Waterphone, Animals, Warehouses, Strings, Brass, Winds, Tools, Machinery and an entire realm of World/Ethnic instruments. We then manipulated these sounds using various proprietary Sample Logic techniques and combined them with multiple electronic synthesis elements to create new, organic, never-before-heard instruments and ensembles.s Continuar leyendo “SL Morphestra KONTAKT SAMPLES + Fixed”

FX Geist v1.1.1.2.FIXED


FX Geist

 v1.1.1.2.FIXED | 37.8 MB

Mark the Release R2R 2013.03.08

Sample, slice, sequence, mix, arrange, effect, resample. Geist is FX’s next-generation sampling drum machine, designed to create evolved, custom beats and grooves, freeing you from the limits of pre-packaged loops and over-complicated DAWs.

Geist fuses creative sample-sculpting tools with fast pattern step-sequencing and arrangement. Browse through sounds with lightning speed, slice and assign loops to pads with a single click; sample, resample and build beats in a slick unified environment. Geist makes fiddly tasks with multiple apps a thing of the past. Continuar leyendo “FX Geist v1.1.1.2.FIXED”

CA-2A T-Type Leveling Amplifier v2.0.0 x86 x64 Fixed-Tracer

Foto Servida GRATIS/FREE por HDImage©

CA-2A T-Type Leveling Amplifier v2.0.0

x86 x64 Fixed-Tracer | 24 MB

Faithfully modeled after one of the most sought after studio compressors in history, the CA-2A T-Type Leveling Amplifier puts the silky, smooth sound of this highly desirable unit right into any VST PLUGINS or AU-compatible DAW. Continuar leyendo “CA-2A T-Type Leveling Amplifier v2.0.0 x86 x64 Fixed-Tracer”

IZ Ozone Advanced v5.0.3 VST PLUGINS x86 x64 PROPER FIXED


IZ Ozone Advanced v5.0.3


CHAOS | 27.01.2013 | 229 MB

IZ’s complete mastering system in a single integrated plug-in includes
eight essential mastering tools: Maximizer, Equalizer, Multiband Dynamics,
Multiband Stereo Imaging, Post Equalizer, Multiband Harmonic Exciter, Reverb,
and Dithering.
Ozone 5 Advanced adds seven additional component plug-ins, extended featuring chronicle this in every module, and a comprehensive suite of configurable meters
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WV Element v9.2.4.16 Build 2304 FIXED Mac OSX-Xdb

WV Element v9.2.4.16 Build 2304 FIXED Mac OSX-Xdb

WV Element v9.2.4.16 Build 2304

FIXED Mac OSX-Xdb | 53 MB

Introducing Element: The first ever synthesizer from WV. Powered by Virtual Voltage™ technology, Element is an analog-style polyphonic instrument engineered to deliver the fat, gritty sound of the classics, with all the precision, flexibility and control of contemporary digital synths.
Element includes a vast array of convenient featuring chronicle this and functions. Like integrated effects. A 16-step arpeggiator / sequencer. MIDI Learn for all controls. And a massive preset library, with total tweakability. Plus, all parameters represented as laid out right there in front of you, so when inspiration strikes, there’s no need to scroll through page after page to customize your sounds. Searing leads, booming basses, ethereal pads, ELECTRO -percussion, sequential motions, mind-blowing FX and lots more: Element does it all.
Powered by Virtual Voltage™ technology
Integrated chorus, delay, reverb, distortion and bit crusher effects
16-step arpeggiator / sequencer
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