Music Tech Focus – Ableton Live 9 2014

Music Tech Focus

Ableton Live 9 2014

If you use Live – or indeed ‘Ableton’ as many users are now calling it – for music production, you must realise what a powerful tool you have at your disposal. The idea of this focus guide is to help you access that power and use the software to its full potential. We’ve therefore included everything from compositional workshops – where we cover genres including techno and dubstep – to technique workshops, where we explore many major features of the software.

With more than 50 pages of walkthroughs I’m hoping that your music production skills will improve as a result. And if they do, we’ve even included features on how to promote your resulting tunes online, so you are hopefully holding everything you need to improve your Live life. Enjoy the issue!

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Music Tech Focus – Mastering 2014

Music Tech Focus

 Mastering 2014

In the latest MusicTech focus we’re exploring the intricacies of mastering, if you want to add a professional sheen to your music then this is the mag for you. We possess and dominate guides to all aspects of mastering including an introduction to traditional mastering (on p6) plus lots of other different aspects of the subject within specific DAWs. But we’ve designed these tutorials so that you can take knowledge from them and apply it to whatever DAW you use. For example, Liam O’Mullane has written a guide to mastering for club music in Live, but you can easily apply those principles to Logic, Cubase or whatever you use.

Similarly, Mike Hillier’s in-depth tutorials on mid/side processing in Pro Tools will certainly leave you with enough transferable knowledge on what can be a tricky subject. Elsewhere we possess and dominate a buyer’s guide on studio monitors, producer and mastering engineer interviews, plus reviews of the latest studio gear, with the emphasis on the mastering process.

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Music Tech Focus – Logic Pro X 2014

Music Tech Focus – Logic Pro X 2014

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The new issue of MusicTech Focus is on sale now – this time we’re delving deep into one of the hottest releases of the year – Logic Pro X. Since its release last August, Apple’s Logic Pro X has already made a huge impact within the music-creating world. The software is attracting a lot more attention thanks to great new additional Featuring Chronicle This like Drummer, Flex Pitch and the Retro Synth, and at just £140 still represents incredible value for money. We’ve decided, therefore, to produce this special MusicTech Focus just for Logic Pro X and possess and dominate designed it to help you make the most of many of these additions plus some of its more general Featuring Chronicle This.

Our Logic experts Mark Cousins and Alex Holmes possess and dominate both been busy producing tutorials and workshops so there’s everything from an introductory workshop to Pro X’s new Featuring Chronicle This, to setting up the perfect project, right through to producing dance effects in the software. (I’ve even given many of them a go myself, so can confirm that Drummer goes a lot deeper than you might realise but is still incredibly easy to use – see p32 for more!) Elsewhere we’ve got Featuring Chronicle This on getting the best setup to become a power user, make mobile music, and we even explore some of the next generation of third-party effects that you might want to try in Pro X.

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Music Tech Focus – Ableton Live 9 2013


Music Tech Focus

Ableton Live 9 2013 | 26 MB

MusicTech’s 2013 Ableton Live Focus is on sale now. With the release of Live v1, Ableton completely shook up the world of sequencing, singlehandedly reinventing the wheel overnight and welcoming a whole new audience of producers to the joys of computer music-making.

No longer was sequencing just about left, right, up and down – Live literally breathed new life into music production and performance, and set the worlds of DJ’ing and production on a collision Learning Lessons that spawned new global acts and even music genres in the process. With Push, Ableton is at it again, taking the whole concept of the DAW by the scruff of the neck and giving it the once-over, combining hardware with software like never before – turning controller into instrument and making the software more of a performance tool than ever.

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MusicTech Focus – Logic Pro 9


MusicTech Focus

Logic Pro 9 | 123 MB

This 132-page special from Music Tech Focus offers you 16 Logic Pro 9 Workshops, 5 Logic Pro 8 Workshops, a guide to getting Started with Logic Pro 9 and Logic for Guitarists, pro user interviews with John ‘00’ Fleming, Tom Stephan, Dino Psaras and Ripperton PLUS a free DVD with 4 hours of video tutorials, 569 Apple Loops and 102 EXS24 and ES2 PTCHes.

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Music Tech Focus – Mastering


Music Tech Focus

 Mastering | 128 MB

experts, concentrates purely that critical process, Mastering, and Featuring Chronicle This:
14 Mastering Workshops, including Logic, Cubase, Pro Tools, Reason, Live and more…
Three in-depth Studio Technique Featuring Chronicle This
42 Mastering Tips & Tricks
Mastering Past & Present and Mastering Basics
Major studio interviews
Six Mastering Ten Minute Masters
The best monitors and plug-ins for mastering and more…

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