PLUGINS-Flux Full Pack bundle for Pyramix v3.5.25 CE-V.R

Flux Full Pack bundle for Pyramix v3.5.25 CE


Full Pack 2.2 Recording, Mixing, Remixing, Mastering – The complete range of Flux:: plug-ins in one big bundle..
Alchemist v3 aiming at professional mastering and re-mastering applications, the intricate design of Alchemist suggests a superior workflow and sound perfection within the field of dynamics processing, well adapted for the high demands of today’s pro-audio industry.
Alchemist presents the option to operate as a single broadband processor as well as a multiband processor providing up to five individual bands, with the possibility to process up to eight channels simultaneously when inserted on a multi-channel (surround) bus.
Each of the five band-sections provides…

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SAMPLES-Trance Spire Inspiration A full soundbank +11 Bonus Construction Kits WAV SPiRE

Trance Spire Inspiration A full soundbank +11 Bonus Construction KitS


Jevgeni Kurnikov teams up with Myloops once again to bring us ‘Trance Spire Inspiration’ : an amazing Spire Trance Soundset, including plucks, leads, pad presets, solid basslines, FX, drum sounds, and more.
Everything you hear in the audio demo is made with presets from the Spire soundset. Inside the package, you’ll get the soundbank of 128 spire presets, and you’ll also get 11 bonus construction kits from the audio demo.
Please note that Spire v1.1.x is required to load the bank.

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SOFT-BFD Eco Full v1.5.0.11 WIN.OSX-R2R

BFD Eco Full v1.5.0.11


BFD Eco is a streamlined, fun and affordable software instrument for acoustic drums, based on the award-winning BFD2 engine. Supplied with a selection of the best BFD2 sounds, it can also be expanded with the wide range of FXpansion and 3rd-party add-ons.

BFD Eco’s versatile mixing and EQ/FX section allows sculpting of the kit and the lush ambience for any musical situation, with a multitude of genre-based presets to get you started. Meanwhile, the integrated Groove player delivers diverse, ready-made drum patterns full of flavour and realism.

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SAMPLES-Studio Drummer 1.4.0 Update + FULL KONTAKT WiN OSX-0RGan1c

Studio Drummer 1.4.0 Update + FULL


STUDIO DRUMMER is the perfect realization of a drummer in software, with everything you need to create realistic acoustic drum tracks — top-of-the-line drum kits, detailed mixing options, and a ready-to-go groove library, packed with authentic beats of all colors and flavors.
It’s much more than state-of-the-art sampled drums. Thanks to more than 3,300 authentic grooves, STUDIO DRUMMER makes it easy for anyone to produce lifelike, dynamic drum tracks. And the on-board mixer and powerful effects deliver enough usability, versatility and tweakability to meet the demands of eclectic modern producers.

STUDIO DRUMMER gives you three premium acoustic kits — a Pearl Masters Premium Maple kit, a Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute kit and a Sonor SQ2 Drum System. The kits are set up with Paiste, Zildjian, Sabian and Masterworks cymbals, and snares by Sonor, Mapex, Ludwig, and Masshoff. To round things off, you also get percussion, with tambourine, sticks, cowbell and handclaps.
All drums were painstakingly recorded using the best mics and outboard gear at Teldex Studios, in Berlin. The result: Over 17 GB of pristine, 24-bit drum samples, capturing the unique sound and responsiveness of the original kits.
Behind the glass, STUDIO DRUMMER provides a dedicated mixing environment. All drums close mic’d, plus adjustable snare bleed, stereo overheads, room mics for ambience and an additional mono mic on the entire kit. Mixer presets, with precision mic levels, room sound and effects, provide fast-track settings for a wide range of sounds.

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SingingSuccess Full Site TUTORIAL

SingingSuccess Full Site


Take your “vocal coach” with you anywhere! Learn at home, practice in your car, or warm-up backstage before your big performance. Increase your vocal Range and Power and improve your Tone, Style, Pitch, and Control. If you possess and dominate control of your voice, you can sing whatever you want.
The Singing Success program has been proven effective by thousands of satisfied customers in over 100 countries around the world. Singing Success is the only vocal training program on the market that promises results by offering a 6 Month, No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee! A lot of singers represented as hesitant to take voice lessons or buy a vocal training program because of the fear that it won’t work. We understand. Why would you want to invest all that time and money if you don’t actually improve? We’re here to tell you that everyone has a voice – and we can teach you how to improve your singing voice. You will never know the full potential of your own singing voice until you take the first step. Start improving today!

WEB | WMV | WC-1 @ 900 Kbit/s | 640×360 | WMA Stereo @ 128 Kbit/s 44 KHz | 93 Hours | 33.9 GB
Genre: How to Sing, Singing Lessons | Language: English
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