Ghetto Metal


Ghetto Metal is transcending the musical norm we all know to deliver the next powerful sonic movement. Think of bands like Rage Against the Machine working with Timbaland, or The Deftones with Just Blaze, or Slipknot produced by Kanye West…the outcome is powerful and infectious as is this GIANT new product. With over 4.25 GIGS of audio (raw size), Ghetto Metal will prove to be one of the biggest, baddest, and hardest construction kit products you’ll ever own.

Each set is broken all the way down to individual drum hits and each is massive in its own right. Each contains as many as 21 drum tracks, has 6 pre-mixed drum variations – 2 metal mixes, 2 hip-hop mixes, and 2 rugged Ghetto Metal mixes. On top of that, each set is written in two parts; hooks AND verses so you actually get two possible songs per set! PLUS, no two drum kits were used again in any of the 40 loopsets, and different guitars and distortions were used throughout the product to give you the ultimate range of sound and feel! All sets contain REAL metal guitars, not synthesized guitars…REAL Ibanez, Jackson, Dean, and Gibsons laced with EMG 81’s and 85’s to give you that grimy, solid metal feel.
Ghetto Metal is the sound that will set the pace for the future of music; Big Fish Audio and electric CITY are setting the bar for what you expect from your sample libraries! THIS IS THE MONSTER YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR.

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Nick Thayer Presents Ghetto Bass MULTiFORMAT SAMPLES

Nick Thayer Presents Ghetto Bass


Ghetto Funk is the genre where bootleggers and remixers around the world unite to share a common goal of converting existing tunes in many genres, fusing them with funky breaks and ghetto bass in order to make party crowds rock to a new sound.
Clubs the world over have long recognized the need for party tracks. Whether it’s a beefed up version of an old funk break, or a squelchy bassline with some crunching drums on the top, this pack delivers the tools to do just that. You’ll find these tracks, loosely labelled ‘ghetto funk’ in the crates of Z Trip, DJ Yoda, A Skillz, and anyone playing these tracks is playing Nick Thayer.

The label and website Ghetto Funk is also responsible for pushing this new sound, and pioneering Ghetto Funk producers include Featurecast, Opiuo, Beatvandals and Stickybuds.
Nick Thayer has also been at the heart of this musical progression and has dug deep into his studio to produce what we consider to be the ultimate sample toolkit for Ghetto Funk producers.

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