SAMPLES-Kirk Hunter Orchestral Brass Ensembles DVDR 01-10 GiGA-AI/CoBaLT

Kirk Hunter Orchestral Brass Ensembles DVDR 01-10


Orchestral Brass Ensembles (henceforth known as OBE) consists — perhaps unsurprisingly — of orchestral brass ensembles recorded in a 2500-seater concert hall, using players (uncredited, as usual) from an American symphony orchestra. Two mic positions were used, one 30 feet from the players, the second 100 feet back to capture the hall reverb (see diagram, right). This lavish use of space created a collection of big-sounding samples known as the ‘symphonic’ recordings.
In order to offer users sonic choice, Kirk also recorded a second set of samples in the same hall, but first made some significant musical and acoustic changes; section sizes were scaled down, and huge baffles were positioned on stage and in the hall’s ceiling, creating a smaller, more focused room sound (the layout for this setup is shown on page 138). The second sample set, less reverberant and more present-sounding than the first, are called the ‘chamber’ recordings.

Uniquely, Mr. Hunter also deliberately varied the sizes of his trumpet, trombone and French horn ensembles for different dynamic performances, using (for example) eight French horn players to play fortissimo samples, but only four players on the pianissimo notes. According to Kirk, this technique was not pre-planned, but devised during the sampling sessions in order to create a tighter, warmer, and more intimate sound on the softer notes (see the ‘Instrumentation’ box on page 136 for more details).

Mark the Release AI/CoBaLT | 2004/2005 | 15.89 GB
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Symphonic Library Percussion DVD-R Vol.1-2 GiGA SAMPLES

Symphonic Library Percussion DVD-R Vol.1-2


This Vienna Instruments Collection is a truly magnificent profusion of percussion! Apart from all standard percussion instruments and Performances it contains production-ready instruments, processed with sought-after high-end studio equipment, put into the right perspective with multi-sampled convolution reverb from the Vienna Symphonic Library’s MIR development. The basic percussion instruments (timpani, snare and bass drum, tambourine, suspended cymbals, a-due cymbals, glockenspiel, triangle, xylophone, tubular bells, tam-tam and concert toms) thus are not only available as samples with minimal reverb of the Silent Stage, but also with the reverb of the world-famous Wiener Konzerthaus in various stage positions. Naturally, these MIR impulses implemented in the samples just scratch the surface of the potential and flexibility of the future MIR engine; nevertheless, they offer a preview of its acoustic possibilities and allow the user to work quickly.

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Symphonic Library Orchestral Cube Pro Strings Vol 1-4 GIGA SAMPLES

Symphonic Library Orchestral Cube Pro Strings Vol 1-4


STRINGS is part of the ORCHESTRAL CUBE COMPLETE ORCHESTRAL PACKAGE recorded in a specially built “Silent Stage”, the top musicians, producers and engineers from Vienna’s wealth of classically trained talent gathered their skills to create a true orchestral sampling marvel.

DVD1: 4.04 GB | DVD2: 2.95 GB | DVD3: 3.98 GB | DVD4: 2.32 GB
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Sonic Implants Silk Road Middle Eastern Instruments GIGA SAMPLES

Sonic Implants Silk Road Middle Eastern Instruments


Spanning 7000 miles from the Yellow River Valley of Eastern China to the sun-kissed shores of the Mediterranean Sea, the Silk Road is the most prominent and distinguished trade route in the world, having linked the present-day countries of China, India, Iran, Iraq, and Syria for close to 1000 years. Originally established by the Chinese government as a means of trading goods with the Roman Empire, the Silk Road evolved over the centuries to become a symbol of cultural exchange that married the disparate art, music, and religious traditions of the many diverse communities along its path.

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Spectrasonics Heart of Asia GIGA KURZWEIL SAMPLES


Spectrasonics Heart of Asia


Phrases, Instruments, and Utterances from the Far East. The world’s first comprehensive collection of Asian instruments and phrases. Digitally recorded in the heart of Asia, this remarkable two-disc set includes over a gigabyte of beautifully multi-sampled

Mark the Release ADAGiO + EtHnO | OLD | 1.18 GB + 932 MB
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Direct from our studios in beautiful downtown Boston, Sonic Implants is proud to present “I’d Like to Buy a Vowel … Adventures in Talk Box Guitar,” an incomparably funky collection of multi-samples and phrases that puts you, lucky contestant, in the middle of the action.

Please, step right this way and don’t be distracted by the envious stares of those around you. As the studio audience chants your name and you exchange pleasantries with our natty host, sidle up to the mighty “Wheel of Implants” and let loose a wicked spin. Feel the current of breathless anticipation as a hush befalls the room, all eyes on The Wheel in motion as it glides, ever so slowly, to a stop. Basking in warm applause, you gaze triumphantly into the camera. Our host nods approvingly.

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Prominy Electric Grand PCP-80 KONTAKT HAlion EXS GIGA SAMPLES

Prominy Electric Grand PCP-80


Yamaha Electric Grand CP-80 was manufactured by the Yamaha Corporation in 1976.
Musicians who love rock, progressive rock, fusion, jazz, funk and various types of music love the characteristic warm piano sound of the Yamaha CP-80. This electric piano is considered among the top in standards and is a “must-have” musical instrument.
A huge number of albums and musicians feature the CP-80 on their productions. These musicians include George Duke, Michael McDonald of the Doobie Brothers, Eddie Jobson in UK, and Peter Gabriel in Genesis. They love its characteristically unique, sharp attack piano sound. Adding a chorusing effect or blending this piano’s timbre into a mix of acoustic and electric instruments adds a luscious sound to any project. The production possibilities are endless.

When you touch a key of the CP-80, the inside hammer strikes directly at the internal tension string. Its structure is mechanically similar to that of a classic acoustic piano. The CP-80fs structure is unique because of the pick-up-microphones installed near these strings to receive the sound. There are 88 pick-up-microphones for each of the 88 keys in this keyboard.

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