TUTS-How To Mix Electronic Dance Music A Practical Guide TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE

How To Mix Electronic Dance Music A Practical Guide


Got the basics of your track down but struggling to get the mix right?
Forget reading manuals and focusing solely on the theory – The best way to learn how to mix is to jump right in! In this course, complex concepts are made easy by demonstration allowing you to practice and perfect as you watch and, more importantly, do! Gain the knowledge you need to create clean songs with every sounds sitting perfectly in the mix not fighting for frequency.

This comprehensive course gives you professional, high-quality guidance right in your own home studio.
What You Will Learn In This Mixing Course
In this practical guide you’ll learn how to to mix music by watching and practicing with working examples, in real time.
All the sound elements of a full track are included – royalty-free – for your use. Simply load the sounds into your preferred DAW and follow along to get a hands-on understanding of how to mix each part of your track.
From prepping the mix and getting organized in the arrangement, to creating bus mixes, parallel processing of drums and using reference tracks to better suit the mix
What’s Included In This Practical Guide To Mixing
In this 5-video course you’ll learn how to mix bass, subs and synths, as well as how to add width to
overall mix and discover some analogue processing tools to add vibe and glue to your mixes.

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TUTS-Vocal Recording: A Complete Production Guide TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE

Vocal Recording: A Complete Production Guide


Today, many musicians are wearing multiple hats, including engineer & artist. Unlike most audio courses you’ll find, “Vocal Recording: A Complete Production Guide” goes beyond simple tips to bring you through the entire process of creating hit-sounding vocals, from prepping the session & performing, to setting up a great mix session & mixing the vocals into the track. By hearing techniques from both the singer & engineer’s point of view, you’ll be able to create your own hit tracks within hours!

“Vocal Recording: A Complete Production Guide” is for anyone who is an artist looking to hone their engineering and recording skills. It’s for engineers who would like to improve on their studio techniques and developing a productive relationship with performing clients. It’s for any singers who want to feel more comfortable in the studio. Lastly, it’s for anyone who is interested in capturing the true nature of the song they wrote and presenting it in the best light possible.

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TUTS-Get Your Music in TV & Film: A Music Supervisor’s Guide to Music Licensing TUTORiAL

Get Your Music in TV & Film: A Music Supervisor’s Guide to Music Licensing


This class is perfect for musicians, artists, managers and anyone else looking for a basic understanding of how to get their music into TV & Film projects.This class will help artists with the ever looming question of “How do I make money with my music?.” With this step by step guide, artists will gain access to some of the industry’s best kept secrets to licensing music.In this class we will give an overview of music licensing, provide a step-by-step etiquette guide to getting your music licensed, present tips on gaining access to music supervisors and decision makers, and an overall understanding of the creative process behind the music in your favorite shows, commercials, films, and video games.Students will go through the process of tailoring an original song to make it “sync-able” for TV, Film, Commercials & Video Games.

This class provides artists and songwriters with a unique opportunity to gain access to professional industry know-how from a Los Angeles based Music Supervisor, and a personal critique of their music.

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Live 9 101: Beginners Guide TUTORiAL

Live 9 101: Beginners Guide


This new beginner’s guide –by Ableton expert Bill Burgess– is designed to get every Live newbie up and making tracks fast! So, if you’re looking to go Live, start right here, right now with this entertaining and informative course!
We’ve had a lot of requests for a very basic, intro course to complement our huge library of intermediate and advanced Ableton Live courses. Well, here it is! Bill Burgess created this new course to take you on an Ableton Live journey… starting right from the very beginning!

You learn everything, step-by-step, from installing Live to starting to produce your very first track. Speaking of tracks, Bill carefully explains the difference between Tracks, Clips, Scenes, Session View and Arrangement View and how you can put them all to work in your productions! From there you build your first Live project. The entertaining Mr. B. explains how to create a beat, record a bass, add effects and much, much more.

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John Damian – The Guitarist’s Guide to Composing and Improvising EBOOK

John Damian – The Guitarist’s Guide to Composing and Improvising


Unleash the creative potential of your guitar, and express your imagination through your music! This inspiring, practical and fun approach to composing and improvising will develop your sense of dynamics, articulation, rhythm, melodic direction and musical E.S.P. Think out of the box, and journey inside this truly unique collection of creative resources for the curious guitarist. Your guitar will thank you!. “A wonderful book by a very special musician.” – Mike Stern.

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Producers Guide to Music Theory with Maschine TUTORiAL

Producers Guide to Music Theory with Maschine


If you own Maschine and feel you could do with a bit more knowledge on the theoretical side of music, to help you understand how to create basslines, chord sequences and other musical parts in a particular key, then this course is for you.

Created by accomplished music producer and classically trained musician, Rob Jones, the course begins by explaining the principles of music theory, such as what the key of a song and major/minor scales are, before showing how that knowledge can be used to make melodies or riffs using various intervals and chords, in order to produce basslines, a main hook, lead or pad sound, to create the main groove or form the breakdown of a track.

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Essential Music Guide Learn Ableton Live TUTORIAL

Essential Music Guide Learn Ableton Live


With early support from the Laidback Luke Forum, the Essential Music Guide will teach students of both beginner and intermediate levels the necessary steps towards producing electronic music in Ableton Live. With this course you will be able to create professionally sounding electronic music from start to finish.
Easy to Follow!
Have you recently made the switch to Ableton Live? Or are you just starting out in the world of music production? The steps towards creating professional electronic music can be found all over the web but with the Essential Music Guide exclusively on Udemy you gain access to years of production knowledge using Ableton Live across various genres. Learn from professional producer/instructor Castilian with over 10,000 views on Soundcloud and over 6 years of music production experience!
Each Step of the Way!
The course is designed for students of both beginner and intermediate levels interested in learning music production without having to rely on the trial and error of doing it alone.

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