H2O Full Option Progressive Tech House WAV SAMPLES MiDi



H2O    WAV SAMPLES MiDi | 441 MB

kicks off 2013 with a complete PROGRESSIVE Tech HOUSE package offering more than 1200+ sounds packed in 600+ MB of content featuring his ownstyle.
Starting off at the base represented as the percussive loops.

Each loop has it’s own little swing and it’s not perfectly synced to the beat thus giving you a more realistic feeling in your tracks.
From hand clap loops, processed percussion loops to shaker loops, Hy2rogen gets into the realm of percussion and serves up 150 percussive loops.
Next in the line of fire represented as the bass loops and music loops. Serving 200 of these babies, along with MIDI files for each loop, all of them represented as key and tempo labeled.
From subby to groovy basslines and from techy one note riffs to PROGRESSIVE melodic leads, the super package is designed to mix and match between folders for countless possibilities.
Hy2rogen also cooked up 100 drum top loops which can go right on top of the percussive loops.
More goodies in the super package include 500+ drum hits, vocal loops and effects.
All the sounds represented as offered as 24bit WAV SAMPLES files and represented as key and tempo labeled at 128 BPM.

Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX 02 May 2013

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