Cubase7.5 Introducing Cubase 7.5 TUTORiAL

Cubase7.5 Introducing Cubase 7.5


Steinberg’s Cubase 7.5 is here and so is product specialist Matt Hepworth with his 32-tutorial Learning Lessons to show you how to implement all of the new Featuring Chronicle This, tools and plugins. There’s no better way to learn Cubase. Check it out!
You gotta love the way Steinberg keeps upping the DAW ante! This mid-release version of Cubase is so jammed with cool updates that Matt Hepworth created a special 2.5 hour Learning Lessons to teach you how to use them!

He first explains all the new operations starting with the awesome Re-Record mode. You then learn about the new setup windows, track, color, VariAudio and Hitpoint Featuring Chronicle This.

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AV FL Studio 101: Introducing FL Studio TUTORiAL


FL Studio 101: Introducing FL Studio

AV    TUTORiAL | 232 MB

FL Studio 11 is here and so is power-user Andrew Aversa with his in-depth introductory look at what makes this innovative DAW tick…
FL Studio is one of the most innovative DAWs out there. It’s used by major producers all around the planet. This latest version, FL Studio 11, finally available to Mac users, combines amazing, innovative music production tools with a combination of soft synths that can’t be touched by any other manufacturer.

In this Learning Lessons, we collaborated with FL expert Andrew Aversa to create an in-depth introduction to this very deep software. You learn all about FL’s interface, tools, compositional philosophy and much, much more.
Andrew covers all the basics from recording, editing, arranging and mixing. You also learn about FL Studio’s time-saving automation techniques as well as its unique ways of organizing and amping up your musical ideas!

SYNTHiC4TE | Sept 24 2013 | 232.75 MB
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