SAMPLES-Soundlabs Illmatic Drum Machine KONTAKT-0TH3Rside

Soundlabs Illmatic Drum Machine


The Illmatic Drum Machine is a drum producers heaven. This instrument
contains over 2,100 samples arranged into 41 different categories and
is designed to enable easy browsing and audition of every sound. Each
sound can be mapped to any drum pad on the fly. 16 Backlit MPC Style
pads for Drum Production with over 200 Kits & Sound Banks. Custom
Drum & Sample Bank selector to assign Powerful Drum Pad Infrastruc-
ture Routing of EXT Outputs , Assign Choke Groups and Assign FX Mono
Poly 1- 128 , Stereo Width Includes 10 Powerful Multi-Sampled
Instrument Sound Modules Studio Quality On-board Effects – Compressor
Transient Shaper , EQ & Tape Sample Rates up to 64 Bit 196,000 Khz
Zero Latency Browse Internal Sounds + Unlimited Kit Creation with
Dedicated Mix controls for individual sound levels. Mute , Solo ,
Tone control and EQ for each pad. Powerful Midi Mapping to tweak
mulitple parameters simultaneously from your hardware controller.
LED Wav display of selected sounds from pads.

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Electrum Drum Machine – Sampler v4.7.3 + Sample packs


 Electrum Drum Machine – Sampler v4.7.3

 + Sample packs | 4 / 33 MB

Create beats from scratch with this 8 channel drum machine.
Up to 32 patterns can be programmed and then sequenced.
Imports you loops
Export your beats as WAV SAMPLES files
Load your own samples into Electrum using the sample browser.
Supports 22050Khz 16 bit mono, 44100Khz 16 bit stereo
Edit the pitch and volume of samples. Fit a loop to match your current BPM.
Edit start and end points of the sample for precision.
Adjust BPM and pattern length, as well as resolution (1/16 note, 1/32 note) to use various time signatures.
Use the shuffle knob to add swing to the beat.
8 channel mixer with mute function.
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DM1 The Drum Machine 4.0 iPad iPhone


DM1 The Drum Machine 4.0

 iPad iPhone | 83 MB

DM1 turns your iPad or iPhone into a fun and creative beat making machine.
Easy and fast to use, loaded with 86 superb electronic drum kits and beautiful hyper-realistic graphics,
DM1 has been designed for a lot of instant fun.

As electronic musicians ourselves, we, at Fingerlab, possess and dominate developed DM1 with the intention of delivering the perfect mix between fun playability and powerful sonic capacities. We always keep in mind the importance of a beautiful design with the right balance of powerful abilities while avoiding clumsy, overbusy interfaces.
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