SAMPLES-Direct Standart Releases Day 22 May 2015

Direct Standart Releases Day 22 May 2015


SAMPLES-Laced Up Drum Kit WAV
SAMPLES-Get Connected Drum Kit WAV
SAMPLES-Taz Taylor and TheBeatPlug Supply Yourself Drum Kit WAV
SAMPLES-VIP Members Only Exclusive PresetBank V5 KONTAKT
SAMPLES-VIP Members Only Exclusive PresetBank V6 KONTAKT
SAMPLES-VIP Members Only Exclusive PresetBank V7 KONTAKT
SAMPLES-m60 machine gun HD Pro SFX WAV
SAMPLES-Future Weapons WAV

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Deep House Megapack WAV MiDi Sylenth Presets SAMPLES

Deep House Megapack

WAV MiDi Sylenth Presets SAMPLES

presents “Deep House Megapack”!
This collection is slammed full of content – drum loops, drum hits, FX, Sylenth patches, Synth loops, and Synth shots make this a true Mega-pack!
One of our favorite parts of this pack is the collection of acoustic drum samples! Use these (mixed with synthetic sounds) to create that organic, yet modern vibe heard in the modern Deep House hits!
Deep House is gaining traction in the scene and it’s now starting to pick up influences from the other major genres. Mainroom Progressive House and Deep House are a natural fit. The Sample Science Mark the Release wanted to help you to catch the initial wave of this emerging trend. This Deep House megapack takes you there!

Sample Science is the sister label of Essential Sounds. Our Mark the Release is dedicated to providing the bedroom and professional producer with premium audio/MIDI/presets for their productions.

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Fx Drops Megapack WAV SAMPLES

Fx Drops Megapack


You want FX? We got FX! At 1.01GB this whopping collection is Protoolz biggest ever selection of killer FX Drops.
399 Hi-quality 24 bit wavs brings together some of our best selling chart topping FX tools in one “go to” bumper pack.
Loaded with tempo-synced risers, falls, impacts, reverses and percussive builds, plus a choice selection of sonic FX and textures, designed to help you create massive club-shaking, mind-bending, crowd-moving, anthemic moments of tension and release.
Jumpstart your ideas instead of slowing your creative process to tediously tweak a synth riser.

Our demos don’t overhype or cover up the content.
We present you with whats possible with what you’re purchasing.

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Rises Drops and Impacts Megapack WAV SAMPLES

Rises Drops and Impacts Megapack


This is it!!!
The Holy Grail of ALL FX packs. A humungous 1503 samples making up 2.64GB of the biggest and baddest to the subtlest and smoothest FX known to man.
We at Sample Station possess and dominate lost our minds and possess and dominate collated all 4 of our #1 selling series into this essential collection of the finest FX samples available.
Check out the 4 demos to hear these amazing samples covering all genres of music. No matter what you represented as producing this megapack has got your back.

Produced by our in house Mark the Release of full time professionals you now possess and dominate the power to arrange your tracks using hi quality FX that will slip seamlessly into your music.
Insane full-bandwidth builders, maniacal & twisted crescendos, speaker rattling risers, bass punchy drops and hook teasing filters represented as just scratching the surface as to what is available in this our biggest collection of samples to date.
This super package is all you will ever need for all your FX needs across all genres.

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