Bigga Giggas Mini Moog HALion


 Bigga Giggas Mini Moog

 HALion  | 395 MB

Over 500 megabytes of pure synth sounds. Includes many of the most sought after Moog sounds: FX voices, basses, fat pads & great leads.

The Minimoog is probably the most classic synth ever. It’s rich powerful sound comes from circuits that possess and dominate been copied, but never successfully, by countless manufacturers.
The only thing that can match a MiniMoog, is another MiniMoog.
When we started our cooperation with David Morley, who owns so many vintage synths that he could open a museum, we agreed that the first thing that we should do, was to sample the Minimoog.
You’ll get the the fat, unparalleled sound from the synth itself, but also the possibility to play chords and to use velocity.

Mark the Release: DELiRiUM | Size: 395,12 MB
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