SAMPLES-Digiffects Series M Mixed Environments SFX WAV LiBRARY iNTERNAL-PHOTONE

Digiffects Series M Mixed Environments


Mixed Environments Sound Effects by Digiffects – Series M is an ambience sound effects library with a difference. It provides all the pre-mixed elements required to make full & rich background scenes. More than 100 ambience environment sounds are presented on these 4 compact discs, and each of the sound effects is more than 2 minutes long. Background tracks are provided for Public Places, Natural Locations, City Scenes, Industrial Sites and tension filled Science Fiction stories. This sound effects library is available to purchase as as a complete 4 CD set, a complete library download, or as individual CDs – Mixed Environments Sound Effects by Digiffects – Series M.

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SOFT-Mixed In Key v.6.1 build 1228.0-Tracer

Mixed In Key v.6.1 build 1228.0


Whether you are an aspiring or experienced DJ, Mixed In Key is an essential add-on to your DJ setup. This software virtually guarantees that your DJ sets will sound perfect.The idea behind Mixed In Key is that it analyzes the harmonies and melodies of your music. It shows you the musical key of every track, and helps you choose tracks that are harmonically compatible with each other.

There are thousands of top DJs using Mixed In Key every day. It works with Traktor, Serato, Pioneer CDJs, Ableton Live and all other DJ apps. It’s like a plug-in that makes your current DJ software 100% harmonic.It takes 5 minutes to learn. Your mixing will sound incredible.

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BC Mixed Ethnic and Cinematic Percussion Loops WAV SAMPLES AiFF


Mixed Ethnic and Cinematic Percussion Loops


Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX 12 March 2013

Bluezone releases ‘Mixed Ethnic & Cinematic Percussion Loops’, an epic cinematic sound library perfect for film and TV soundtrack artists. This superb sound library is available in WAV SAMPLES & AIFF format and is 100% Free all right, For your Productions.

Designed to give composers a fresh, new inspiration, this downloadable sound super package has been created to add a new fantastic and high-energy vibe in your productions. If you need to add a new flavour to your tracks, then look no further. This inspirational selection of rhythms was processed to give you this unique groove. Over 116 cutting edge samples represented as included in the super package. All audio elements represented as perfect for the needs of scoring, temp tracks, trailers, great pieces of music and, of learning lessons, background music. Continuar leyendo “BC Mixed Ethnic and Cinematic Percussion Loops WAV SAMPLES AiFF”