MPV Logic 9 410: Dubstep Deconstructed TUTORiAL


Logic 9 410: DUBSTEP Deconstructed


This learning lessons starts with a fully produced DUBSTEP track and expertly deconstructs it track by track. Hear the awesome finished tune, then see pro production techniques deployed. There’s really no better way to learn advanced production and Logic! Check it out!
EDM producer Nigel Broad is back with his much anticipated follow-up to his DUBSTEP Essentials learning lessons. However, this time he approaches it in reverse! You get to hear the final production and then sit back as he divulges his pro production techniques and deconstructs the drums, bass, percussion, pad and lead tracks right before your eyes.

Although this learning lessons (and the track itself) is produced in Logic, it’s extremely relevant to every producer, no matter what DAW you use. That’s because Nigel leans heavily on a lot of 3rd party plugins like Massive, Maschine and Razor as he unleashes the power behind his deep and nasty track.

SYNTHiC4TE | July 02 2013 | 256 MB

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MPV Sibelius 7 103: Jazz Quintet Project TUTORiAL


Sibelius 7 103: Jazz Quintet Project


Explore the art of notating jazz charts. See the notational power of Avid’s Sibelius 7 with renowned composer/arranger Thomas Goss…
In the third learning lessons of this 5-part series, Sibelius 7 Master Thomas Goss tackles jazz, with its intricate melodies, special articulations and chord notations. In this learning lessons, hipster Goss has arranged an original jazz quintet to help you on your way to becoming a jazz notation ninja.

First you’ll listen to and study his 2-part composition. Then you’ll dive right in as he guides you through the various levels of jazz notation. You’ll learn notes and chords, dynamics and phrasing, text expressions, and inputting complex chord symbols. You’ll also get some neat notation tricks to help you with tempo changes and instrument changes in Sibelius.

SYNTHiC4TE | May 06 2013 | 872 MB

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MPV Redmatica Keymap 101: Core Keymap TUTORiAL


Redmatica Keymap 101: Core Keymap


Creating complex, multi-layered sampler instruments can be a real time-consuming chore that eats up hours of valuable production time. Thankfully, Redmatica software has brought us Keymap.
Keymap is an incredible production tool that makes it easy to create multi-sampled instruments. More than just a simple PTCH editor, Keymap lets you edit sample duration, loop points, and fades to create realistic sampled sounds. There’s also a host of time-saving automatic sample mapping featuring chronicle this called magic pads that make it a breeze to set-up multi-zone sample PTCHes. And if that’s not enough, the icing on the Keymap cake is it’s amazing Harmonic Re-Synthesis tools that can be used to pitch correct off-tune vocals or create dramatic and unique effects for your sampled sounds.

All of the topics above, and many more, represented as explored in detail in this TUTORIAL . Along the way, you’ll learn some valuable remix tips & other sampling tricks you can incorporate into your daily production workflow. For a full list of this tutorials contents, see the Table of Contents below. Continuar leyendo “MPV Redmatica Keymap 101: Core Keymap TUTORiAL”

MPV MIDI 101: MIDI Demystified TUTORiAL


MIDI 101: MIDI Demystified


If you use MIDI and always wondered how – and why – it works, MIDI 101 is for you! Informative and entertaining, “MIDI Demystified” is a required TUTORIAL for anyone looking to get the most out of their MIDI hardware and software. This TUTORIAL is written, narrated, and even animated (!) by veteran composer, keyboardist and synthesist Peter “Ski” Schwartz. Designed to “demystify” MIDI in an entertaining yet incredibly informative way, this 4-hour magnum-opus of MIDI will show you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about MIDI in your studio.

“MIDI Demystified” starts out with a detailed historical vignette taking MIDI from its humble beginnings through to its current state-of-the-art technology. Peter then investigates, explains and provides solutions to the many different MIDI situations that all musicians encounter in both live performance & in a studio setting.
Featuring dozens of animated MIDI signal-flow diagrams, live action footage, and beautiful images of the latest MIDI gear along with vintage MIDI devices, Peter explains the potentially dry subject of MIDI in a way that makes the learning process accessible and fun!
MIDI 101: MIDI Demystified is filled with all kinds of unexpected and informative surprises, and plenty of musical examples in a wide variety of styles. MIDI 101 teaches you everything there is to know about MIDI while keeping you entertained in the process!
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MPV Outside The Box Electric Guitar Production TUTORiAL

TUTORIAL ” alt=”MPV Outside The Box Electric Guitar Production TUTORIAL ” src=”” border=”0″ />

MPV Outside The Box Electric Guitar Production

Outside The Box Electric Guitar Production TUTORIAL | 633 MB

SYNTHiC4TE | Jan 13 2013 | 633 MB

Electric guitars ROCK! Get some unusual and extremely useful Outside The Box electric guitar tips and tricks from acclaimed Israeli composer & producer Eyal Amir…

See how to build solid rhythm tracks. Learn how different picking techniques can be used to create effective musical expression. Watch Eyal and Alon collaborate on creating overtones, melodies, arpeggios, solos and more while they explain their Outside The Box production techniques. Most of all, see how Eyal –in his imaginative way– weaves all of these various guitar sounds into an inspiring musical fabric!

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MPV Sonic Dimension In Mixing TUTORiAL

TUTORIAL ” alt=”MPV Sonic Dimension In Mixing TUTORIAL ” src=”” border=”0″ />

MPV Sonic Dimension In Mixing

Sonic Dimension In Mixing TUTORIAL | 481 MB

Mark the Release DYNAMiCS Dec 2012

Greg Townley’s mixing credits include films Sideways & Wedding Crashers, and artists Usher & Lil’ Kim … Learn how Hollywood’s Premiere Audio Engineer creates Sonic Space in his film and music mixes. Continuar leyendo “MPV Sonic Dimension In Mixing TUTORiAL”

MPV Reason 5.202 Live Sampling In Reason TUTORiAL

TUTORIAL ” alt=”MPV Reason 5.202 Live Sampling In Reason TUTORIAL ” src=”” border=”0″ />

MPV Reason 5.202 Live Sampling In Reason

Live Sampling In Reason TUTORIAL | 598 MB

Mark the Release DYNAMiCS Dec 2012

With the release of Reason 5, Live Sampling has arrived. Watch as Mo Volans demonstrates essential skills 7 workflow techniques for sampling in Reason 5. Continuar leyendo “MPV Reason 5.202 Live Sampling In Reason TUTORiAL”