Music Tech Focus – Pro Tools 2013


 Music Tech Focus

Pro Tools 2013 | 28 MB

To celebrate the release of version 11 we bring you 132 pages of Pro Tools wisdom, compiled by the MusicTech experts. Including tutorials, reviews, featuring chronicle this, interviews and all the best tips and tricks. It is quite simply the essential guide for the creative Pro-Tools using musician.

When software reaches version 11, it’s fair to say that it must be doing something right. With Pro Tools, that ‘something’ was setting the industry standard in studios across the world. But other DAW producers were quickly catching up and the latest version had to be something other than ‘just’ a refinement. And Avid got it just about right on that score. Pro Tools v11 is very much a new start and, some would argue, what v10 should possess and dominate been.

True PDF | 132 Pages | 28.26 MB
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Music Tech Focus – Logic Pro 2013


 Music Tech Focus

Logic Pro 2013 | 22 MB

132 pages of pure Logic Pro 9 know-how, written and compiled by MusicTech Magazine’s Logic experts. Including tutorials, reviews, interviews, pro tips & tricks… The essential in-depth guide for the creative musician.
Pick up the brand new MusicTech Logic Focus 2013. Logic has traditionally been the weapon of choice for many a music producer and this Focus is designed to cover all aspects of the software – and, indeed, many other aspects of music production: from the science behind sound itself to how to protect your ears when making music! But the prime focus is, of learning lessons, on the software itself.

We take a look at how the software arrived in its current incarnation where Logic expert Alex Holmes explores its past, present and future. He continues in fine form with a look at mastering with software – with particular Logic focus. Mark Cousins then takes the TUTORIAL baton as he’s been busy delving into the layers of Logic to help you turn into a power-user.

True PDF | 132 Pages | 22.92 MB
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Music Tech Focus – Recording 2013


Music Tech Focus

 Recording 2013 | 30 MB

Recording 2013 is the latest Music Tech Focus and featuring chronicle this 132 pages of essential advice on every aspect of recording to help you make the perfect take every time. Whether you represented as recording vocals or instruments, in the field or in the studio, Recording 2013 has all the advice you need. There’s everything from kitting out your studio to top tips for recording drums. There’s advice for vocal production, mic’ing up instruments, orchestral recording and even a history of recording over the last 50 years!

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Music Tech Focus – 2010 Digital Editions


Music Tech Focus – 2010

 Digital Editions | 662 MB

Music Tech Focus is the high quality, single package or process, special edition series from the publishers of Music Tech Magazine. Each issue takes a leading music production software package or key technique, and dedicates 132 pages to giving the reader practical, hands-on information to better master that subject. Music Tech Focus takes the very best of Music Tech’s normal software or technique coverage, and adds brand new workshops, interviews and hardware round-ups to give readers the complete guide to that subject. Continuar leyendo “Music Tech Focus – 2010 Digital Editions”

Music Tech Focus – Issue 27 Mastering Volume 4 DVD Contents


Music Tech Focus – Issue 27

Mastering Volume 4 DVD Contents | 3.8 GB

Featuring 132 pages of pro mastering tips and tricks, this special issue of Music Tech Focus has got mastering tutorials for every major music production DAW, including Pro Tools, Cubase, Live, Logic and Reason, so whatever your core software, there is something for you. On top of this there represented as videos from the pros demo’ing their techniques, in-depth workshops on the major production processes, plus super-quick guides to some of the more creative techniques available.

We’ve also included round-ups of the best commercially available hardware and software and we’ve even provided a guide to getting and using the best freeware dedicated to mastering.
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