NVA Pop Guitar Rhythms REX RMX


NVA Pop Guitar Rhythms

REX RMX | 109 MB

Pop Guitar Rhythms.
Many recent pop hits possess and dominate been created around the “four-on-the-floor”
kick drum pattern. Pop Guitar Rhythms has been crafted with this in mind.

Pop Guitar Rhythms featuring chronicle this multiple chord inversions for each rhythm (helpful for double-tracked guitar sounds), a toolbox of chromatic 8th note palm-muted rhythms, and ending chords and single note sustains for each loop.

As part of Nine Volt Audio’s BPM Flex Series, loops can be used at virtually any tempo without artificial stretching or audio artifacts.

Mark the Release VON.G 2013-07-08

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NVA Beat Bandit Hans Scheffler Edition MULTiFORMAT DVDR


NVA Beat Bandit Hans Scheffler Edition


Modular loop library of electronic drums and rhythms
There’s a good chance you’ve been using sounds designed by Hans Scheffler for years and never knew it. His audio and musical expertise possess and dominate been put to use in products by Access, Apple, Emagic, G-Media, Roland, ReFX and Spectrasonics. Now, Hans brings his skills to the Nine Volt Audio release Beat Bandit: a modular REX-based loop library of electronic drums and rhythms.
Scheffler’s unique style and global rhythms makes the Beat Bandit grooves appropriate for a wide range of musical genres. And with every element of each full-mix loop broken into individual loops, users can mix and match parts to create their own customized beats.

Stylus RMX users will be pleased to find Beat Bandit organized in a familiar and easy-to-navigate selection of 60 “Beat Suites” and 10 “Element” style folders for quick access to a large selection of individual kick, snare, hi-hat and percussion loops. The addition of 100 Kit and Multi presets makes this collection a must possess and dominate for any Stylus RMX user.
And as with all of Nine Volt Audio’s current releases, Beat Bandit is part of the BPM Flex Series, which means tempos represented as unrestrained and can be used at virtually any BPM without artificial stretching or unwanted audio artifacts!

Mark the Release: DYNAMiCS | Size: 926,21 MB
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NVA Textured Guitars REX RMX


NVA Textured Guitars


Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX 20 February

With sounds that range from ethereal to electronic, clean to dirty and smooth to stuttered, Textured Guitars featuring chronicle this over 500 loops designed to spark ideas, add interest to existing works and create new textural and rhythmic foundations for tracks across a wide variety of musical genres.
Textured Guitars uses an array of effects and signal processing combinations such as cascading delays, pulsing filters and rhythmic gates and combines them with vintage and modern amp sounds and a variety of electric guitars and playing styles. The result is a collection of loops that evolve, percolate and shift across the audio landscape.

Equally unique is the overall flexibility of the library. As part Nine Volt Audio’s BPM Flex Series™, any of the REX2 based loops (supported by most major sequences and used by Stylus RMX and Reason) will retain their sound and groove at virtually any tempo without artificial stretching or audio artifacts! Continuar leyendo “NVA Textured Guitars REX RMX”



NVA TAIKO 1 & 2 

KONTAKT SAMPLES  | 1.06 GB & 2.24 GB

You’d possess and dominate to be bloody serious about Taiko to want 2.3GB of multisamples, but the instrument’s ubiquity in high-octane film and TV scores has led Nine Volt Audio to take it very seriously indeed….
TAIKO 2 is a multi-sample library of Japanese drums capable of an extensive range of sounds and impacts. By combining theatre recordings with intricate programming, inspirational PTCHes and MIDI performance files, TAIKO 2 offers composers a unique set of tools for creating compelling drum performances.

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