PLUGINS-OvO RnB Workstation For PC X32/64Bit

OvO RnB Workstation For PC

 X32/64Bit PLUGINS

OvO RnB workstation is here as win32/win64 bit. Taking modern rnb sound design to another level. OvO RnB is the most realistic rnb virtual instrument available for the urban production market. Powered by the Kontakt 5 engine. Covers 6 instrument categories that are sure to make your beats have that drake & the Weekend type of sound.
Important:The Workstation versions do not come with all the same instruments or features as the Kontakt version you see in the video. Still a perfect alternative for non Kontakt users.

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LinPlug CronoX v3.5


CronoX mixes up your samples in realtime like no other instrument. If you start with a kick sample you may end up with getting a fascinating pad from it, and you should not be astonished to get some punchy drums just from your vocal samples. Its CronoX, samples are only food for its versatile and unique engines.

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How to Compose Music with SECRET COMPOSER™
Discover the secrets that working composers use every day with SECRET COMPOSER,™ the fully interactive music composition software program.
Learn how to compose music from an experienced Hollywood composer.
Interactive lessons for all music levels: Beginner through Advanced.
Behind-the-music secrets not available in any other software program.
Innovative Composition tutorials AND a user friendly music reference guide.
No new software to learn – runs in your web browser.
Concise theory and orchestration lessons get you composing quickly.

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Cubase LE AI Elements v7.0.5 Build 2197 PC MAC


Cubase LE AI Elements v7.0.5 Build 2197

 PC MAC | 3.2 / 2.5 GB

Cubase Elements 7 Retail, this is the original retail version so you will need a activation code to run Elements. Cubase 7 Elements it can be installed in the trial mode, but as LE and AI it can be freely installed registered and updated on Steinberg website. Registered and updated it as AI version and it works without any problems.
This is WIN SOFTWARE/MAC installer for Cubase LE AI Elements 7 + Update 7.0.5

x86/x64 | WIN SOFTWARE: 3.24GB | MACOSX: 2.57GB
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Twolegs Toneworks THS-1 Revisited for ReFX QuadraSID + QuadraSID for PC/MAC


Twolegs Toneworks THS-1 Revisited

for ReFX QuadraSID + QuadraSID for PC/MAC | 7 MB

THS-1 Revisited is your one-stop-shop for signature SID sounds from the legendary Commodore 64 SID chip, created in the SID emulation VSTi synthesizer, QuadraSID from ReFX. Originally released in 2007, the super package has been revisited by the author himself, Torben Hansen aka Metal/Vibrants, and brought up-to-date with several new sounds and added featuring chronicle this.

The THS-1 Revisited soundset now also Super material included a complete Galway Noise kit for those wicked special percussive sounds! You’ll find plenty of bass, arpeggio chords, leads, effects, drums – just about everything you need to make your next Chiptune track or to add some retro flavour to your modern-day hit track.

Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX 19 July 2013

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