TUTS-How To Mix Electronic Dance Music A Practical Guide TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE

How To Mix Electronic Dance Music A Practical Guide


Got the basics of your track down but struggling to get the mix right?
Forget reading manuals and focusing solely on the theory – The best way to learn how to mix is to jump right in! In this course, complex concepts are made easy by demonstration allowing you to practice and perfect as you watch and, more importantly, do! Gain the knowledge you need to create clean songs with every sounds sitting perfectly in the mix not fighting for frequency.

This comprehensive course gives you professional, high-quality guidance right in your own home studio.
What You Will Learn In This Mixing Course
In this practical guide you’ll learn how to to mix music by watching and practicing with working examples, in real time.
All the sound elements of a full track are included – royalty-free – for your use. Simply load the sounds into your preferred DAW and follow along to get a hands-on understanding of how to mix each part of your track.
From prepping the mix and getting organized in the arrangement, to creating bus mixes, parallel processing of drums and using reference tracks to better suit the mix
What’s Included In This Practical Guide To Mixing
In this 5-video course you’ll learn how to mix bass, subs and synths, as well as how to add width to
overall mix and discover some analogue processing tools to add vibe and glue to your mixes.

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FPHD AUD205: Practical Audio Techniques with Audition TUTORIAL


AUD205: Practical Audio Techniques with Audition


Everyone wants good audio, but don’t always know the steps to get there. This Learning Lessons takes a practical, hands on approach to audio post production. From dialog cleanup and noise removal to sound design and mixing. Working in Adobe Audition CS6, we work through specific project based scenarios to add practical tools for you to use on everyday projects.

We start off with an introduction to the new Adobe Audition CS6 interface, preferences and Featuring Chronicle This as well as get familiar with the import / export workflow. Next we dig into our first project which is an emergency dialog cleanup on some exterior shots. The location recording has some challenges for us to fix. Then we clean up the voice on a promo and work it in the mix against music. We take a character animation and bring it to life with sound. The rest of the class will be taking the AFX218 trailer project and creating the sound track for the trailer.
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