The Principles of Correct Practice for Guitar TUTORIAL

The Principles of Correct Practice for Guitar


You will find complete instructions on how to properly practice all the techniques covered in “The Principles” book, and countless insights and approaches that facilitate the guitar learning process. The Principles DVD covers all vital training for right hand finger picking exercises which lead to complete independent control of each finger of the right hand, and the ability to use them with lightening speed, while keeping the rest of the arm relaxed.
Then, it is on to left hand training, going through the essential exercises that lead you to discover the inner sensations that lead to solid guitar ability. This will enable you to go as far as you wish on the road to playing excellence. String push downs, finger flapping, the firm and light finger, the heavy and light arm, are all illustrated, as well as how these preparatory exercises are used in the Foundation Exercises of The Crutch and The Ladder.

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