TUTS-The Pro Tools Course TUTORIAL

The Pro Tools Course


The Pro Tools Course is an 8 week journey into the heart of Pro Tools. This course is designed to teach you Pro Tools from the perspective of a professional engineer. Each lesson features practical examples so that you learn more than just what the buttons do, but also see how they are used in a session.
Pro Tools was designed specifically for professional engineers and through this course you will gain a deeper understanding of Pro Tools and how it was designed to be used. The professional insights and depth I add to this course will bring a whole new level of meaning even if you are an experienced user.

The total course includes 8 two-hour classes with a bonus class and, additional lessons that provide depth and detail for each week’s specific topic.

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TUTS-Mixing Words to Say in Pro Tools TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE

Mixing Words to Say in Pro Tools


Fab Dupont analyses the modern and punchy sounding mix of the song ‘Words to Say’ by The Arrows.
You may have seen producer Fab Dupont and the South African band The Arrows take the song ‘Words to Say’ from demo track to a mix-ready session in the free 6 part video series called ‘From Creation to Mix’. In this 80 minute video, Fab Dupont unveils his final release-ready mix of that same ProTools session.

‘Words To Say’ is a great example of modern pop production with a mix of acoustic and electronic drums, layered synths and guitars tracks and lots of cool production moves.
Since this is an enormous session, instead of starting the mix from scratch, Fab deconstructs the existing mix that made it on the final record. Instrument by instrument and track by track, he describes every setting, explains the thought process behind every decision and shares all the tips and tricks he used to make this song sound huge. This mix was performed with 95% plugins except for analog summing and some limited analog 2-Bus processing.
This is a great opportunity to see how the pros manage a big session and what goes into mixing a major label release.

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TUTS-Pro Tools Advanced Vol 1 TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE

Pro Tools Advanced Vol 1


Pro Tools guru Kenny Gioia brings you the first volume of videos dedicated to enhancing your Pro Tools experience. Shot in Pro Tools 11 and compatible with Pro Tools 8, 9 & 10, this in-depth series focuses on Workflow, arguably the most important aspect of using a DAW, making you a Pro Tools pro in no time.
Kenny jumps right in and reveals the powerful Import Session Data feature, which saves you a ton of time, by allowing you to Import Audio, Effects, Channels, and other often used Parameters into Your Sessions. Next, Advanced Marker Usage is shown, including Selection Markers, Zoom, Pre & Post Roll, Show / Hide Tracks, Track Heights, Groups and more.

Moving on, Kenny gives you one of the Best Kept Secrets in Pro Tools, Window Configurations. Kenny goes thru each and every parameter that can be stored and recalled with this powerhouse feature, along with great examples of How They Can Be Applied. Keyboard Shortcuts are then explained and demonstrated, and this video alone will Dramatically Speed Up Your Workflow.

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Simon Philips Pro Tools Sessions WAV SAMPLES

Simon Philips Pro Tools Sessions


Introducing our first collection of multitrack drum sessions customized specifically for Pro Tools. S.Phillips Session Tracks contains custom Pro Tools .ptf templates for all 34 sessions, already mixed utilizing native Avid plug-ins, and includes additional tracks for guitar, keys and vocals, as well as reverb, delay and chorus all ready to go so you can get creative straight from the start. Chock full of essential loops to form the building blocks of your rock songs, Session Tracks features master drummer Simon Phillips (The Who, Jeff Beck, Joe Satriani, Mick Jagger, Toto etc.) laying down groove after groove, inspired by some of rock’s greatest moments, from AC/DC to Led Zeppelin to ZZ Top. No MIDI, no machines – just REAL DRUMS played by one of the best drummers in the world.

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Mixing Howlin in Pro Tools 11 TUTORiAL

Mixing Howlin in Pro Tools 11


See for yourself how Ben Lindell mixes Amber Skye’s ‘Howlin’ in the box using Avid Pro Tools 11. Using his unique approach to routing and a hybrid workflow, he demonstrates and discusses the importance of working on both the details and the big picture of a mix simultaneously.
This tutorial will teach you how to approach your mixes like a game of chess, starting with a concept and a vision for the final product and creatively executing the steps necessary to bring a song to life.

Ben primarily uses plugins by Universal Audio, Sonnox, Softube, Flux and Soundtoys, showing every move and explaining every decision as he builds the mix around Amber’s vocal. Using creative effects and efficient bussing, Ben enhances and develops the sonic “story” of the song while also defining the overall tone and vibe of the mix.
If you struggle with finding consistency and purpose in your mixes, this video will show you how a world class professional tackles both the problems and opportunities presented by modern pop production.
Using some of the new features in Pro Tools 11, along with Ben’s favorite digital and analog mix-bus processing chain, the song quickly blossoms from a great rough to a final mix before your eyes.

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Pro Tools 11 New Features TUTORIAL


 Pro Tools 11 New Features


Avid Pro Tools 11 has arrived. Join staff author David Franz, as he walks you through the most anticipated new features in this release. First, explore the performance enhancements that come with the new 64-bit audio engine and find out if your system is compatible with the upgrade. Then learn about offline bouncing, for faster than real-time bouncing. Plus, find out about the new key commands and other improvements that will make working with Pro Tools faster, fun, and more efficient.

MP4 + Exercise Files | Duration: 33m 11s | 960×600 | Video: 30 fps 1184 kbps | Audio: AAC 48KHz 159 kbps 2 stereo | 91 MB
Genre: eLearning | Level: Appropriate for all | Language: English | Released: Jun 27, 2013
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Pro Tools 11 100: New Features Explored TUTORiAL

Pro Tools 11 100: New Features Explored


40-tutorial course reveals, explores and explains all of the new and noteworthy features introduced in Avid’s Pro Tools 11. Get up to speed in a hurry and find out what makes PT11 the best Pro Tools ever…
ProTools 11 is one of those stealth releases. It looks kind of the same at first glance, but then you dig in deep and see that it’s really quite profound! That’s because a lot of its major new features are under the hood. And yet, there are so many enhancements, we brought aboard Protools expert Roy Vargas to show and explain them all in this amazing FREE course!

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