TUTS-Songwriting and Producing with Toontrack Dream Pop TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE

Songwriting and Producing with Toontrack Dream Pop


In this video tutorial series, Toontrack guru Luke Oswald and vocal extraordinaire Spencer Hansen return, and this time create a stunning Dream Pop song from scratch, using only Toontrack products and a DAW. See it built from nothing, all the way to mix and master!
Using Toontrack’s “Dream Pop EZX”, “Grand Piano Expansion”, and the “Dream Pop EZKeys MIDI Pack” these guys put together a pro level production including vocals. Luke and Spencer use Studio One, but the info can be applied to any modern DAW, so you’ll be able to use what they show in the videos in your own DAW and productions.

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Live 9 408: Producing Glitch TUTORiAL

Live 9 408: Producing Glitch


Chop it. Distort it. Stutter it. Then put it all back together again and make music. That’s what Glitch music is all about. Join electronic musician Rishabh Rajan as he explains how to do Glitch in Ableton Live.
Glitch is one of the most creative forms of electronic music. It’s a wonderful universe where sound design and music fuse into one. In this course, electronic musician and Ableton Certified Trainer Rishabh Rajan, takes you on a Glitch production adventure where he shares his tips on working with Glitch in Live.

First you learn to push Live’s massive array of included plug-ins to the limit. Then Rishabh explores some advanced chopping and automation techniques that enable you to slice up your audio in a myriad of compelling ways. He even explains GlitchMachines Fracture plugin that is specifically designed to glitch up any kind of audio source. But that’s just the beginning… you also get an in-depth behind-the-scenes look at how Rishabh builds the deeper framework of a frenetic, Glitch-infused track!

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From Drop To Top Producing Hip Hop TUTORiAL

From Drop To Top Producing Hip Hop


This is it. If you’re looking to get into the Hip Hop producer game, DrFord is the man to watch. Featuring the track ‘Toast To This’ with rapper extraordinaire Maccnifasent, DrFord shows you how to complete a full, professional ‘radio sounding’ Hip Hop production with vocals and mastering from the ground up, propelling your Hip Hop productions from ‘wannabe’ to pro.
DrFord has cut his production teeth in some of the biggest studios in Nashville and Los Angeles, and has toured nationally as a keyboard player with numerous Country and Pop acts. His tracks have landed on MTV and VH1 reality shows ‘Making The Band 4’, ‘Pimp My Ride’, ‘Rob & Big’, ‘Punk’d’, ‘My Super Sweet 16’, ‘Next’ and many more. In addition to being Pro Tools Certified, DrFord brings his own flavor to production work, which he shares in full in this awesome new series.

Shot in Pro Tools, but compatible with any DAW, you’ll learn basics such as production session setups, recording and aligning external hardware synths & drum machines, nudging audio until it ‘grooves’, to more advanced topics like mix & arrange tips and techniques, creating tight ‘radio sounding’ Hip Hop vocals, DIY mastering, file preparation for artists and 3rd party mastering and much more. The Pro Tools session files from the tutorials are also included and there’s even 2 bonus videos, one showing you how DrFord made the main sample in the track with his MPC, and the other demonstrating a solution to a common scenario that hip hop producers face.

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Producing Hard Rock With Logic TUTORiAL

Producing Hard Rock With Logic


All new for 2010, the “Mad Man from Louisiana” Scott Griggs returns with a killer Logic 9 music production series, “Producing Hard Rock with Logic”. This in-depth series starts with nothing, and ends with a serious “Rawk’ n Roll” track as only Scott could do it.
Throughout your musical journey with Scott and Logic 9, you’ll learn invaluable techniques and methods for creating killer guitar sounds, realistic drum parts, interesting arrangements, slick automation tips & tricks, vocal editing, sound effect creation and so much more.

This series is focused on a hard rock track, but you can easily use the theories and principles on any genre production. The techniques and procedures shown are truly universal and will further expand your ever growing Logic 9 mind. Get your hands on “Producing Hard Rock with Logic” today…

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Producing Deep House In Logic Pro X TUTORiAL

Producing Deep House In Logic Pro X


Producer and Remixer extraordinaire Timothy Allan serves up another smash hit series, this time showing you how to create an authentic “Deep House” track from scratch in Logic Pro X! You also get Tim’s Logic Pro X session so you can open it and follow along every step of the way. If you don’t use Logic, no worries, all the info can be applied to any DAW and plug-ins. If you’re into Deep House, you’ve got to see this…
Tim begins with an intro video welcoming you and setting the stage for what’s to come, and then dives right in, showing you how to make a Deep House beat using samples within Ultarbeat. The secret to thick Deep House chords is then revealed using the ES1 and ESX24, creating fat synths dripping with old school flavor.

Moving on, Tim shows you how to create the classic “FM Donk” sound found in Deep House tracks, as well as tips and tricks for sound design in Logic Pro X, and how to make chilled out background sounds, percussive shaker loops, synth stacks and more. Drum Mixing is up next and Tim goes way deep, covering everything from EQ, Compression, Parallel Compression, Sample Chopping and more.

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Song Production: Producing Indie Electro-Pop TUTORIAL

Song Production: Producing Indie Electro-Pop


Join composer, musician and producer Rishabh Rajan as he reveals his eclectic production techniques in this behind-the-scenes look at Indie Electro Pop music…
In this 29-tutorial exploration, Rishabh takes you from his early demos to his final masters. He explains all of his amazing production tools and shares his state-of-the-art production techniques.

You’ll see how to create arrangements and how to make those crucial choices as a song is created, mixed, and mastered. Using a variety of software and plugins (including an iPad!), Rishabh follows his heart, acts upon his inspiration and then rolls up his sleeves to do the hard work bringing his musical ideas to life!

2012 | ASK VIDEO | Rishabh Rajan | RAR SIZE 301 MB
FORMAT….: MP4/1280*720
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Logic Pro X 402 Producing Hip Hop TUTORiAL

Logic Pro X 402 Producing Hip Hop


Dive into Logic’s urban side in this 3+ hour, workflow Learning Lessons by Hip Hop producer and Certified Logic Pro trainer, Booker Edwards. Logic does Hip Hop and so do you!
Different styles of music rely on various different tools in the Logic Pro toolbox. Hip Hop – with its urban, turntable roots – requires not only a knowledge of that unique “vibe” but also a knowledge of how to recreate that vibe using Logic’s array of synths and production techniques.

In this massive, 43-tutorial Learning Lessons, Booker Edwards takes you on an urban journey where you get both a Hip Hop and Logic education rolled into one. He shows you how to unleash the power of Logic’s Featuring Chronicle This to transform your song ideas in to an authentic Hip Hop track. Watch and learn as this step-by-step, workflow Learning Lessons unfolds and Booker fills his tracks with all the sounds, textures and beats that represented as the very essence of Hip Hop.

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