SAMPLES-Dave Parkinson Trance Essentials WAV MiDi FXB PROPER

Dave Parkinson Trance Essentials


Produced in collaboration with production heavy weight Dave Parkinson, we are proud to present Dave Parkinson Trance Essentials. Let me start by saying this product is truly unlike any product we have released in the past, and could well be one of the largest trance sample libraries on the market. The full package weighs in at just under 14GB (uncompressed) and is literally overflowing with creative inspiration from one of the most established and sought after producers in the scene today. For anyone unfamiliar with Dave’s work, for the past 25 years he has worked and collaborated with many of the leading names in the industry including Simon Patterson, John Askew, Jordan Suckley, Paul Oakenfold, Mark Knight, Eddie Bitar, Tall Paul and many, many others.

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PLUGINS-Antresol v1.0.0 WIN MacOSX PROPER Working

Antresol v1.0.0 WIN MacOSX


A legendary flanger resurrected
In bringing the classic stomp box back to life, we’ve created a must-have effect plugin that will appeal not only to performing guitarists, but to instrumentalists and producers of virtually any genre: whether it’s rock guitar riffs or melodic synth lines you’re into, you’ll find that the extreme attention to sonic detail coupled with the flexibility afforded by modern technology in Antresol make it the perfect example of what a flanger should be in the modern era. The original, conceived in the mid-70s, quickly became a benchmark for flanger-type effects by offering a uniquely rich character defined by luxuriously harmonious interacting resonances, and has been heard ever since on countless classic recordings. That’s why D16 couldn’t resist the opportunity to resurrect the soul of this classic in a thoroughly modern incarnation with Antresol, our newest effect in the SilverLine Collection!

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TUTS-Up and Running with Cubase Pro 8 TUTORiAL PROPER

Up and Running with Cubase Pro 8


Get up and running with Cubase, the venerable DAW that produces cutting-edge sounds. In this training course, Mark Struthers introduces the most essential features in Cubase Pro 8, including the templates, which allow you to fast track your song ideas, and the Project window, which helps keep your tracks and other assets organized. He also covers techniques for recording audio and MIDI, integrating virtual instruments and effects, and working with compositional aids such as chord tracks and chord pads. Plus, learn how to produce and export polished projects from the Mix Console. At the end of this course, you’ll be able to fully integrate Cubase into your digital audio workflow.

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SOFT-Battery 4 v4.1.4 MacOSX + Update WiN MAC PROPER

NI MacOSX Battery  2 AudioZ

Battery 4 v4.1.4 MacOSX + Update


BATTERY 4 is the cutting-edge drum sampler designed for the 21st century. It combines a supercharged library, tailor-made for electronic and hip hop music, with a radically-intuitive workflow that keeps the focus on creativity. Instantly find and arrange sounds with a new, tag-based browser, and route powerful new effects with drag-and-drop simplicity. With a clear, compelling interface that puts incredible power at your fingertips, BATTERY 4 launches drum sampling into the future.

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Epic Tom Ensemble Proper MULTIFORMAT SAMPLES

Epic Tom Ensemble Proper


The Epic Tom Ensemble is a large multi-sample library dedicated to massive ensemble percussion. We captured a variety of power articulations, using a combination of high-tuned 10″ – 14″ toms, roto-toms and octabans, various floor toms, bass drums and custom designed mega-toms. Perfect for raging battle scenes or when you just need a really loud B00M. We highly recommend trying it with our Epic Dohl, Small Epic Percussion and Bamboo Stick Ensembles. All extensively recorded by some of the very best percussionists* in the world, in a high-ceiling glass, stone and tile hall specifically designed for sample recording.

We originally released our two-volume Epic Toms collection with the hope that weÆd one day be able to bring it to non-Kontakt users. While we were at it, we decided to give the entire collection a mighty overhaul and add a wealth of new content. We now bring you TonehammerÆs complete Epic Toms.

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A.O.M Plugins Pack v1.7.1 VST x86 x64 PROPER

x86 x64 VST Plugins super package    Pro AudioZ

A.O.M Plugins super package v1.7.1 VST

 x86 x64 PROPER

tranQilizr – the most transparent equalizer ever
Unique transparent sound.
Six equalizer bands and Lo-/Hi-Cut filters.
All equalizer bands and filters can be put on a channel in Stereo(LR), Left, Right, Mid and Side.
Equalizer supports 20Hz to 30kHz center frequency, -24 to +24dB gain and 0.05 to 10 octave bandwidth.
Three equalizer types of different sound characters.
Filters support 1Hz-10kHz for Lo-Cut and 100Hz-30kHz for Hi-Cut.
On/off and solo switch for every band.
Automatic Gain Compensation (AGC).
Up to 1,536kHz internal sample rate.
Phase invert switch.
M/S balance adjustment.
Monitoring channels is selectable from Stereo(LR), Left, Right, Mid and Side.
Mouse-friendly paragraphic operation.
64-bit floating point internal precision.
Supports 44.1kHz to 192kHz project sample rate.
Small plug-in latency (64 samples).
A/B comparison.
Output gain.

Invisible Limiter – a transparent mastering limiter
A.O.M. Invisible Limiter is a transparent look-ahead brickwall limiter with automatic attack/release-time optimization. The Invisible Limiter’s limiting algorithm minimizes the difference between the original and the limited signals. This behavior is appropriate to avoid coloration your material through final limiting stage in mastering. Under ordinal amount of reduction, it is hard to distinguish before and after limitation.

Stereo Imager D – stereo image manipulation
Stereo Imager D is a decorrelation-based Stereo Imager.
Wave Shredder – waveform destruction
Wave Shredder is a collection of destructive processors: Rate Reducer, Zero-time Gate, Waveform Cut&Fold, Chopper and Bit Crusher.
Rate Reducer is a zero-order hold rate reducer. Zero-time Gate makes input signal to zero immediately when the signal level falls the threshold. Zero-time Chopper plays the inverse of Gate. Cut&Fold section truncates under zero signal to zero, and in fold mode, the section put inverse truncated signal instead of truncation. Bit Crusher reduces signal’s resolution.
Cyclic Panner is an unque pan/width control tool based on axis transformation. It offers visual display of sound field and intuitive pan control.

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Complete Cubase 7 PROPER REPACK


In almost three hours runtime, SWA Complete Cubase 7 goes deeper into the “why” behind the “how”. Digging deeper into the theory and operation, these videos include the academics behind the process so you’ll understand both theory and practice. SWA Complete Cubase 7 gives you the knowledge and skill to squeeze every ounce of efficiency and creativity out of this incredible workstation.

– Go deeper into the “why” and behind the “how”
– Almost 3 hours of finest tutorials
– HD quality

Mark the Release: KRock | Date: November 08 2013 | Size: 1,26 GB
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