SAMPLES-Wavesfactory Power Guitars KONTAKT REPACK-KRock

Wavesfactory Power Guitars


Power chord library for NI Kontakt 3 or superior. Real humbucker guitar power chords with no pitch-shifting, all the chords are played. This library is perfect for rock music and all its variations, you can hear it on the video demos.
Very easy to play, very fun to play and most important: IT SOUNDS AMAZING AND JUST REAL.

Humbucker guitar recorded 21 different chords (from E1 to C3), 8 repetitions (round robins) directly into our hard drive without passing through any amp. It was recorded for you to use an amp simulatior software, create your own sound.

Mark the Release KRock | June 24 2012 | 2.99GB
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SAMPLES-Sampling Cornucopia Strings v1.4 REPACK KONTAKT

Sampling Cornucopia Strings v1.4 REPACK


Cornucopia is the “horn of plenty” (from Latin – cornu copiae) – a symbol of abundance and nourishment. We recorded and sampled a 20-piece string ensemble (6-5-4-3-2) which consists of the best string players in Bulgaria – all the leading players in our Sofia Session Orchestra. Our intention was to create a sample library that has articulations each composer needs in his/her daily work.

One thing that makes Cornucopia stand out to other string libraries is the ‘slavonic’ sound – that special Eastern European orchestra ‘vibe’. The sound of the library is warm and intimate, yet majestic and big – and this makes “Cornucopia: Strings” the perfect starting tool for young composers, as well as a powerful weapon in the arsenal of professional composer. The strings were recorded in an actual real seating position (violins to the left, celli and basses to the right) in Druzhba hall – the same hall where “Storm Choir” was recorded. The subtle natural ambience of the space brought the samples to life without compromising the tonal clarity. We used 3 mic positions (close, decca, outrigger) to allow users full control of the spatial balance, all of them are available for mixing right in the interface.

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Morgana v1.2.7 WIN.OSX REPACK


When sampling technology was in its infancy, samplers lacked the power required for high-quality interpolation and filtering. Analog-digital converters were primitive, and the sounds that went into these machines came out grittier and darker–but also warmer and punchier. The same qualities that degraded the audio from a technical standpoint had the effect of enhancing the audio from an artistic standpoint.

But where are these instruments today? Why do samplers nowadays endeavor to produce an exact carbon copy instead of adding their own touch? Whatever happened to character, to samplers that feel as if they belong in the hands of musicians instead of laboratory technicians?
We asked ourselves those very questions, and we couldn’t come up with any good answers. So we decided to change that.

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TUTS-Orchestration 301: The MIDI Orchestra Enhancing Realism REPACK TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE

Orchestration 301: The MIDI Orchestra Enhancing Realism


Get real! Or at least get your MIDI orchestra to SOUND real! Learn the art of creating realistic orchestral MIDI mockups in this inspiring course by the one and only Peter (Ski) Schwartz.
Orchestral sample libraries are everywhere. You can buy cheap ones or you can shell out some serious cash for the top of the line libraries. And while the quality of your sample library is important, solid MIDI techniques can make ANY orchestral sample library sound more real. You just need to learn the tried and true methods that MIDI master and orchestral composer, Peter (Ski) Schwartz, reveals in this example-filled, information-packed, super-cool course!

Think of it this way: The samples are the instruments… and we all know that instruments can’t play themselves! The MIDI notes are the score… and the score is just a musical roadmap. So where does the “real” MUSIC come from? We’re talking about the all important stuff like expression, phrasing, dynamics and feeling that is key when you’re trying to emulate a room full of great musicians! Well, the answer is all in the artful programming of the MIDI CCs and all of the behind-the-scenes MIDI techniques that you, the virtual conductor, bring into the production! That’s exactly what Peter Schwartz explores and teaches you how to accomplish in this 40+ tutorial course!

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Samples Pro KONTAKT  2 AudioZ

Session Horns Pro v1.3


SESSION HORNS PRO is the last word in playable horns. Arrange 10 perfectly-sampled instruments into sections of up to six pieces.

A 30 GB library delivers supreme depth and flexibility with added velocity layers and articulations. And intelligent auto-arranging gives you true-to-life horn arrangements no matter your skill level.

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TUTS-The Professional Way Learn Electronic Music Production TUTORiAL REPACK-MAGNETRiXX

The Professional Way Learn Electronic Music Production


All what you need to know to produce electronic music. Without any waste of time, straight to the point. Included some great tips and shortcuts for Logic Pro (check out Nicky Romero using it at that will definitely let you work faster.
This course is good for anyone, using Apple’s Logic is recommended to get the best out of it but in case you own another software to produce, and you already know the basics, you still can learn a lot about music production itself, something you can apply anywhere.

I also included one bonus video, dedicated to the Logic essential tips and tricks reassumed and a pdf about the good, yet affordable gears that help you to produce professionally.
With this course, I wanted to create something handy but complete at the same time.
Starting from scratch you will get through all the techniques and notions you’ll need to produce music professionally, without any waste of time.
I wanted to share with you what I consider more important, thinking about how happened my learning process and what discoveries played a significant role in my improvements.

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Sylenth1 v.2.2.1 x32.x64 Repack PLUGINS

Sylenth1 v.2.2.1 x32.x64 Repack


Sylenth1 is a virtual analog VSTi synthesizer that takes the definitions of quality and performance to a higher level. Until now only very few software synthesizers have been able to stand up to the sound quality standards of hardware synths. Sylenth1 is one that does.

Sylenth1 is not just another synth. It was built from a producer’s point of view. It was built to produce superior quality sound and music. It was built to perform. A lot of research has been invested in order to achieve unheard warmth and clarity. The graphical interface ensures the highest level of usability so you can fully unleash your creativity.

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