TUTS-Using Reverb on Vocals TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE

Using Reverb on Vocals


In this video, Fab explains how to tailor a reverb tail on a vocal track to enhance the sound of the singer
Reverb is often used as a utility to enhance the sound of a track, especially a singer. In this video Fab explains all aspects and parameters of reverb tail and their influence on the final result. This will let you create a sense for what each parameter will do, in order to get a feeling for what you want to achieve rather than considering time, space, size, depth, color, absorption etc. just names or numerical values.

Once you get a feel for the various aspects of a reverb, it will be easy to connect your ears to the final result and achieve that perfect space behind your vocal track.

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PLUGINS-PCM Native Reverb Bundle v1.3.6 MacOSX-HEXWARS

PCM Native Reverb Bundle v1.3.6


For over 40 years Lexicon has been recognized as the gold standard of digital reverb and effects processing and has continuously introduced leading edge technology for the audio industry. Lexicon has again rocked the audio industry with a complete collection of the finest reverb plug-ins available. The PCM Native Reverb Plug-In Bundle is the ultimate reverb plug-in for creating professional, inspirational mixes within popular DAWs like Pro Tools, Logic, and any other AAX, VST, Audio Unit, or RTAS compatible platform.

With all the flexibility you would expect from a native plug-in, this powerhouse Bundle delivers 7 legendary Lexicon reverbs with hundreds of the most versatile and finely-crafted studio presets, including recognizable classics from Lexicon’s immense library of sounds. Designed to bring the highest level of sonic quality and function to all your audio applications, the PCM Native Reverb Bundle will take center stage in your DAW.

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PLUGINS-LXP Native Reverb Bundle v1.2.1 MacOSX-HEXWARS

LXP Native Reverb Bundle v1.2.1


You’ve just wrapped up tracking with artists that are on the brink of breaking into the game. You start mixing when you realize you are craving more, the ability to envelope your mix with that “magical space” that delivers the clarity, depth and fullness that can only be created when recording in a major studio. So you turn to the most trusted name in reverb to achieve the ultimate sound. Lexicon’s LXP Native Reverb Bundle provides your music with an engaging aura that brings it to life by placing it in the perfect resonant space.

Lexicon processors have become staples in the recording studio, on stage productions, as well as in every top post-production facility. Now Lexicon has complemented the finest hardware processors with the best software plug-ins available. The LXP Native Reverb Bundle offers four algorithm based plug-ins along with over 220 of the most versatile and finely-crafted studio presets that are sure to change the way you color your mix, forever.

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PLUGINS-MPX Native Reverb v1.0.2 MacOSX-HEXWARS

MPX Native Reverb v1.0.2


For over 40 years Lexicon® has been considered the gold standard of digital reverb and effects processing. Now that same distinctive, smooth, rich “Lexicon Sound” is available in a plug-in specifically designed to take any home or project studio to the next level.

The MPX Native Reverb Plug-in delivers the legendary Lexicon sound through a single polymorphic plug-in with seven different reverb types and over one hundred of the most versatile and finely crafted studio presets. This is the ultimate home recording and project studio plug-in package for creating professional, inspirational mixes within popular DAWs such as Pro Tools®, Logic®, Nuendo® or any other AAX, RTAS®, AudioUnit™, or VST® compatible host.

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Deuxième volet du cours Réverbs Top Secret, ou nous passons de la théorie a la pratique ! Dans ce tutoriel, je vous révèle LE GRAND SECRET des ingénieurs du son pour obtenir des Réverbs transparentes qui s’intègrent facilement dans le mixage sans polluer les autres sons.

Nous verrons également comment recréer au plus juste des acoustiques naturelles ou donner l’illusion d’un son 3D avec des Réverbs a Convolution … Et bien plus encore : une masse de trucs et astuces : L’usage des Early Reflexions, l’effet de Transmissibilité, la Sidechain Compression des Réverbs Tails ! Alors en route.
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Audio Concepts 104: Delay and Reverb Effects TUTORiAL

Audio Concepts 104: Delay and Reverb Effects


As a follow-up to Audio Concepts 103, this course explains just how those “real world” acoustical FX are recreated in the studio using plugins. Learn how these delay-based effects function and are deployed in this hands-on course by Joe Albano.
Recording engineers spend much time and energy trying to record audio as pristine as possible. In the process, for the most part, any sense of acoustic space is of secondary importance when compared to the perfect capture of the primary sound. The reason for that is many and is reinforced by the the ability to add back the the room & space when mixing.

This course –picking up where the Acoustics course left off– is filled with lots of in-depth explanations and animations explaining how all the major time-based effects work. Combined with an abundance of sonic examples, you learn how best to apply these FX adding depth, body and presence to enhance the sound of your productions.

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IR-1 Parametric Convolution Reverb Library iSO SAMPLES

IR-1 Parametric Convolution Reverb Library


The new and innovative recording technique used in capturing IR-1’s library is based on the culmination of years of research (presented at the AES 24th International Conference) by leading acoustician Prof. Angelo Farina of Parma University in Italy, renowned for his research work in archiving architectural acoustics. Waves has underwritten the research of Prof. Farina and that collaboration has yielded a world class library for IR-1 that establishes new benchmarks for clarity and accuracy in sampling reverbs.

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