SM20 Electro


Pumping bass, jackin’ beats, twisted synths, wired filth, acid grime, lost-in-basement fx, and washed-out seqs abound in SM20 Electro, the eagerly anticipated new collection from Sample Magic.Running the ground between indie-dance and peaktime mainroom filth, Electro takes in the best of techno, Dutch, jackin’ and classic french disco, bending all the rules and mashing every genre along the way.

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Mino Cinelu World Grooves Vol.1 WAV REX2 RMX AiFF SAMPLES

Mino Cinelu World Grooves Vol.1


From turning the jazz world upside down with Miles Davis, to exploring new fusion frontiers with Weather Report, to dominating pop radio with Sting, Mino Cinlu has brought his signature style of drums and percussion to the biggest artists in modern music. With the release of World Grooves Vol 1, The Loop Loft brings Mino’s legendary rhythms directly to your DAW.

Recorded in pristine detail at NYC’s famed Bunker Studios, The Loop Loft tracked Cinlu performing on his massive collection of drums and percussion, resulting in a collection of loops that is a melting-pot of grooves from around the world.

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Fistful of Fills V.3 WAV AiFF REX2 RMX SAMPLES

Fistful of Fills V.3


Drum fills. They’re arguably the most exciting part of a song, yet also the hardest to program or record to make it feel “right”. This is why we culled hundreds of fills from every recording session we produced in the past year into this exciting new collection. Introducing Fistful of Fills Vol 3!

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Hunter Harland The Bunker Sessions Vol 3 Stylus RMX SAMPLES

Hunter Harland The Bunker Sessions Vol 3


The Bunker Sessions Vol 3 is a dramatic and dynamic collection of cinematic, Afro-Cuban, funk and 3/4 grooves featuring world-class performances by Charlie Hunter and Eric Harland. Each session is meticulously organized and edited, allowing you to quickly drag and drop the loops and multitrack sessions to create your own custom arrangement.
Recorded at the world-class Bunker Studios in NYC, seven-string guitarist Charlie Hunter and jazz drum master Eric Harland bring the inimitable soul and feel of live musicians, playing together at the top of their game, to anyone’s tracks.

The Loop Loft employed a mix of old-world and cutting-edge recording equipment and technology to capture Harland and Hunter’s performances, including boutique and vintage microphones, compressors and premium converters. Harland played a 1960s Ludwig drum set, a range of classic snare drums and a palette of custom Zildjian cymbals, while Hunter played his seven-string guitar into separate guitar and bass amplifiers for discrete tone.

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NVA Pop Guitar Rhythms REX RMX


NVA Pop Guitar Rhythms

REX RMX | 109 MB

Pop Guitar Rhythms.
Many recent pop hits possess and dominate been created around the “four-on-the-floor”
kick drum pattern. Pop Guitar Rhythms has been crafted with this in mind.

Pop Guitar Rhythms featuring chronicle this multiple chord inversions for each rhythm (helpful for double-tracked guitar sounds), a toolbox of chromatic 8th note palm-muted rhythms, and ending chords and single note sustains for each loop.

As part of Nine Volt Audio’s BPM Flex Series, loops can be used at virtually any tempo without artificial stretching or audio artifacts.

Mark the Release VON.G 2013-07-08

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Inspiration Sounds Electro Grime ACID APPLE LOOPS REX RMX WAV SAMPLES


Inspiration Sounds ELECTRO Grime


Inspiration Sounds “ ELECTRO Grime” featuring chronicle this some of the dirtiest ELECTRO HOUSE Loops and Samples ever committed to a Sample super package. If you produce Dirty ELECTRO HOUSE , or Minimal HOUSE , then ELECTRO Grime is guaranteed to blow you away!

ELECTRO Grime is the latest Sample super package from Inspiration Sounds. If you represented as looking for totally fresh and current ELECTRO synths, ball-crunching ELECTRO basslines, downright dirty ELECTRO drums and “out of this world” synthesizer fx, then look no further. ELECTRO Grime was created exclusively using some of the finest analogue synthesizers and analogue drum machines ever created. All loops represented as at 128BPM and our producers possess and dominate worked extremely hard to provide you the most refreshing and inspirational content possible.

22.10.2008 | Mark the Release BNT | TOTAL RAR SIZE 434 MB
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PLP Modern German Synths Stylus RMX

Peace Love Productions - Modern German Synth Loops

PLP Modern German Synths

Stylus RMX | 419 MB

The most anticipated PLP release of the year is finally here. Modern German Synths is a complete collection of the hottest club synths to date. PLP used top of the line German manufactured synths, drum machines, and groove boxes to produce this amazing compilation of loops and samples. Modern German Synths includes Leads, Pads, Apreggiations, Basses, Drums, and Sound Effects. You’ll be producing that next underground club hit within minutes after downloading. Loops recorded at 120 BPM
21.01.2012 | Stylus RMX | RAR SIZE 419 MB

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