SAMPLES-Roland V-Drum TD-10 WAV

Roland V-Drum TD-10


The V-Drums® TD-10 Percussion Sound Module presents drummers and drum programmers with a truly revolutionary electronic percussion environment. Using Roland’s proprietary COSM® technology, V-Drums TD-10 users can model drum and percussion sounds with stunning realism and sonic flexibility. The TD-10 enhances this capability with lightning-fast drum triggering and onboard effects processing. This module can be expanded with the TDW-1 Wave and System Expansion Board for more sounds, V-Cymbal® control, and enhanced functionality.

A dramatic advancement in the world of electronic percussion, the V-Drums TD-10 Percussion Sound Module is the cumulative result of over 25 years of musical instrument research and design. Combining a revolutionary sound engine based on proprietary Composite Object Sound Modeling(COSM) technology and ultra-expressive V-Editing, the V-Drums TD-10 module gives drummers unparalleled sound quality and the most intuitive electronic percussion interface on the planet

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Roland-Brass Strings Hits and Co SXX SAMPLES

Roland-Brass Strings Hits and Co


Roland was the first company wich puted low cost samplers on the music market, starting by the S10 (the babe) till the Legendary S770 (Top of the S serie)… Followed by Akai, Ensoniq and Yamaha in that mad technology curse. This CD include sounds for the Sxx line, in fact for S330 to S770 but you can read the sounds w/o any samplers using the same programs as for the Akai samples cdz… This Product is composed of the sounds bellow…

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FK6 Roland CompuRhythm CR-78 v.4.2 KONTAKT SAMPLES

FK6 Roland CompuRhythm CR-78 v.4.2


FK6 Kontakt instrument is based on the legendary Roland CompuRhythm CR-78 analogue drum machine released in 1978. The CR-78 was one of the first drum machines that allowed you to compose your own rhythms and store them in internal computer memory, making the machine more suited to professional musicians and recording artists than the preset-only machines that preceded it. Having said that, the preset rhythms can be heard on many well-known songs from that period. The 14 wonderful analogue sounds were the other reason for its success. A sound unique to the CR-78 is metallic beat. The original idea behind it was to give a more metallic edge to the high-hat and cymbal sounds but it is a great sound in its own right.

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Omar ROLAND E-5 Sample Library Vol 1 KONTAKT SAMPLES

Omar ROLAND E-5 Sample Library Vol 1


Roland E-5 Intelligent Synthesizer E-5 IS the First Generation roland (Produced 1988-1991) E-series used the advanced LA Synthesis system as used on the legendary Roland D-50 its core sound engine,Roland would go on to dominate the home keyboard market in the 1990s with subsequent generations of the E-series line.

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Roland D-50/D-550 Banks and PTCHes SAMPLES


Roland D-50/D-550 Banks and PTCHes


This is a collection of PTCHes from a lot of cards released in the late 80s-early 90s for Roland’s famous linear arithmetic synthesizers.

There represented as a LOT of sounds in there, which were found some time ago on torrent which is now dead, so credits go to the original collector/uploader of them. No executables possess and dominate been included in the archive, so you need an editor, a librarian or just a DAW to send them to your hardware.
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