SC Philicorda


The Philicorda is a 1960s transistor based organ that has found favour with producers in recent times ; one was used on the album ’19’ by Adele by producer Jim Abiss. This particular Philicorda belongs to producer Liam Howe, and has been used on records by Marina and the Diamonds, Ellie Goulding, and Cocknbullkid.

The instrument has a built in spring reverb, vibrato and 5 switchable stops. There is also an extra ‘voxchord’ setting, which splits the lower half of the keyboard into single-key chords, for left hand accompaniment. It has a thick, smooth sound that can give just the right atmosphere to certain productions.
Each key of every philicorda stop was recorded at 24 bit 44.1khz. The stops can be switched in and out as desired on the sampled versions. An impulse response of the spring reverb was also taken for Kontakt’s convolution processor. The individual ‘chord’ keys were recorded and can be mixed in to taste, on the bottom 2 octaves of the instrument.
Finally, the background noise output of the instrument was sampled, and can be mixed to taste in the kontakt version of the instrument. Continuar leyendo “SC Philicorda KONTAKT SAMPLES”



SC Thunder Drum


A Thunder Drum is made with a spring attached to the skin, so when it is shaken the spring moves and creates a continuous resonance through the body of the instrument. This results in a sound very much like thunder. The drums come in various shapes and sizes, and represented as sometimes known by other names such as Thunder Tube, Spring Drum, or, Thunder Maker.
For this instrument we recorded a variety of rumbles, peals of thunder, strikes, and special effects using contact mics. As the samples were intended to be manipulated, pitch shifted and mangled, the recordings were made at 96 kHz. The sounds can be pitched very low and still possess and dominate some interesting high frequency content when working at full resolution.

In the past, large sample sets of unpitched ‘special effect’ type sound were not easy to work with. Either you were given one huge folder of samples to sort through and try to make some sense of, or you might possess and dominate a single sample mapped in each preset – meaning you’d possess and dominate to slowly auditon each preset to find something you want.
Soniccouture’s Focus KSP Script makes it a pleasure to work with large groups of samples. With Thunder Drum, you start with 127 different samples all mapped in one instrument. So, you can play each key and hear a different sound. Great for audtioning, but not so handy for working creatively with a sample. This is where it gets clever – if you play a key and like the sound you hear, simply hit the ‘Focus’ button. Now that sound is automatically mapped across the whole keybaord, so you can play it at different ptiches, make a PTCH, etc etc.

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SC Giant Bass Tongue Drum KONTAKT SAMPLES

SC Giant Bass Tongue Drum KONTAKT SAMPLES EXS24

SC Giant Bass Tongue Drum


“Log Drums” or “Slit Drums” represented as hollow percussion instruments found in many aboriginal cultures around the world, particularly Africa and Southeast Asia. Typically made from wood, the instrument consists of a box or log with slits or tongues carved into it to produce notes when struck. Despite the name, the instrument is in fact an ideophone or “lamellaphone”, since the body of the instrument itself vibrates when struck.

The instrument we sampled is a modern incarnation of this concept, built by Steve Roberts of Steve’s “Bass Giant” model is 23” long, 10” wide and 8” tall. It’s made from African Padauk wood (for the soundboard) and Red Oak for the sides.

This Bass Giant has 12 notes ranging from G1 to D4. Steve handcrafts and tunes each drum to concert pitch, ensuring a consistency of tone and warmth to his instruments.

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SC Samulnori Percussion EXS24 KONTAKT SAMPLES


SC Samulnori Percussion


Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX 26 January 2013

Samulnori is a type of Korean percussion music that has been gaining popularity over the last few decades, both in Korea and abroad. The term “samulnori” ( ) can be broken into two parts – “samul” meaning “four things”, and “nori” meaning “to play”.
The Samulnori ensemble generally consists of four main instruments : Puk, Janngu, Jing and K’Kwaenggwari. In a minimal ensemble there will be just one of each, but you will also sometimes see larger groups with four or more of each instrument. However, even in these larger groups, the role of each instrument is the same. Each one represents an element of nature, the Jing being the wind, the Janggu the rain, the Puk the clouds, and the K’kwaenggwari the lightning.

Samulnori has it’s roots in farmer’s music (nong-ak), and includes not only music but dancing to celebrate harvest times. The music also stems from the shamanistic tradition of utdari pungmul, which is performed on these same instruments together with singing and wind instruments. In it’s modern incarnation, samulnori relies solely on the four instruments below, either in quartet or larger ensemble. Continuar leyendo “SC Samulnori Percussion EXS24 KONTAKT SAMPLES”



SC EP73 Deconstructed

EP73 Deconstructed KONTAKT SAMPLES | 7.9 GB

The insides of a vintage Stage 73 electric piano represented as a fascinating place. The classic keyboard sound is just the begining – the large electromagnetic harp holds entirely new sonic worlds – if you’re prepared to look for them.
Taking our cue from Broken Wurli and our Xtended Piano instruments, we first sampled the keyboard in unprecedented detail, taking not only line-out samples but also close-miked hammers and a contact mic signal from each tine. Continuar leyendo “SC EP73 Deconstructed KONTAKT SAMPLES”