TUTS-Sound Amazing Singing From The Diaphragm TUTORiAL-MAGNETRiXX

Sound Amazing Singing From The Diaphragm


Master your diaphragm and its surrounding muscles, and you will certainly unearth your true vocal potential. Developing a great singing voice is about more than just your vocal cords; your whole body can be a source of power. In particular, the muscles of your torso (back, abdomen, ribs, chest, pelvis) are of great value. These muscles surround the diaphragm and aid it in functioning efficiently. This is the knowledge that singers like Carrie Underwood, Pavorotti, Renee Fleming, Celine Dione, David Phelps, and Christina Aguilera have taken full advantage of.

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Vocal Techniques 101: Singing with Tammy Scheffer PROPER TUTORiAL

Vocal Techniques 101: Singing with Tammy Scheffer


The best way to learn pro, cutting-edge vocal techniques is to study with a great singer. So, sit back and learn the art of singing in this 31-tutorial course by vocalist and recording artist Tammy Scheffer.
Great singers are a wonderful mix of natural ability and a lot of hard work. Up-and-coming singers often forget the hard work part and rely entirely upon their talent. In this course, by the amazing Israeli jazz/pop singer Tammy Scheffer, you learn how professional singers create sound, shape notes and construct effective harmonization in the process of developing their unique vocal styles.

Tammy starts at the very beginning with basic posture techniques and vocal warmups. You may be wondering why these tools are so important. Well, you’ll just have to watch and see how using these techniques will improve your sound while, at the same time, enhance your singing career! From there you learn Tammy’s extensive vocal drills. Here is where you get all kinds of tips on how to produce intervals, shape your tone, nail pitches and, of course, how to singing in perfect tune without AutoTune!

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