SOS Presents Philip Bader Deep Tech WAV SAMPLES


Presents Philip Bader Deep Tech


Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX 13 March 2013

Nearly as exhilarating as an early club morning in the global capitol of techno, Philip Bader’s debut sample super package, Deep-Tech, is the first true representation of the sounds from one of Berlin’s storied residents.

Perfectly capturing the wonky groove of multiple day’s of twisted late night fun in the cardinal center of techno, Philip Bader’s Deep-Tech production super package is filled with over 700MB of the low slung swing, and melancholic melodies he’s celebrated for throughout the Bundersrepublik. In this super package. STS presents brings you the first opportunity to dissect the driving Deutsch groove of one of the genres finest craftsmen. Continuar leyendo “SOS Presents Philip Bader Deep Tech WAV SAMPLES”