TUTS-Dance Music Sound Design 102 Lead Synths TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE

Dance Music Sound Design 102 Lead Synths


Lead synths are always in the sonic spotlight. This makes their sound design elements extremely crucial. Multiplier, AKA Adam Pollard, gets you the inside data for creating killer lead synth sounds in this 25-tutorial course.
Join Multiplier in this in-action Dance Music Sound Design Lead synth course and see how an expert makes really sick leads. It doesn’t matter what kind of synth you use or what style of electronic music you generate. It doesn’t even matter if you’re using software or hardware synths. The concepts and sonic explorations in this course are universal.
What kinds of waveforms work best for lead synth sounds? How do you tune (or detune) the oscillators? What kind of modulation, arpeggiation, filtration and noise/click components do you deploy? A lot of thought goes into designing lead sounds but there are many options so Adam explains and explores them all!

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SAMPLES-Darkness Cinematic Sound Design KONTAKT-MAGNETRiXX

BFA Darkness Cinematic Sound Design KONTAKT SAMPLES

Darkness Cinematic Sound Design


Volume 2 of the Cinematic Sound Design series, Darkness is a collection of 2.8 GB of original loops and samples created for use in film, TV, games, and the more dystopian forms of Metal, Hip Hop, Grunge, etc. All of the sounds in this project were created from “real” sources; i.e., no synths were used on any of this material. The drones, rhythmic loops, soundscapes and effects on DARKNESS were derived from recordings of things like metal bridges, cables, dumpsters, machines, and metal-stringed instruments such as waterphones, detuned autoharps, and one very old and beat up piano harp. The source recordings were then subjected to a battery of plug-ins and effects, loaded into samplers, and then played to create the finished loops and atmospheres.

The samples can be used in standard wav format or take advantage of our custom kontakt interface for our kontakt users. The kontakt format includes the ability to edit and tweak loops and to easily add effects to further takes these samples to new and original places.

Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX | 10 Januar 2013 | 1.7GB
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TUTS-Special FX Sound Design in Logic Pro 10.2 / Alchemy TUTORIAL

Special FX Sound Design in Logic Pro 10.2 / Alchemy


Special FX are essential to keeping your grooves from getting repetative. Learn how FX can be used for smoothing out transitions between sections of your arrangments and introducing new elements into your track.
This course is made using Logic 10.2, making full use of the stunning new synth Alchemy. However if you don’t have Logic or Alchemy nearly everything you learn can be applied in your own favourite DAW or synth.

From scratch we’ll be creating from simple transitions such as reverse sounds and uplifters/downlifters plus walk through complete sound design lessons and techniques such as sweeps, automation and in-depth tricks such as using processing on delay and reverb.

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TUTS-Sound Design With Maschine Drum Synths TUTORIAL

Sound Design With Maschine Drum Synths


Maschine is an awesome tool for improvising a groove and can make for an impressive live performance but its often overlooked as a powerful drum synth its own right.

Maschine’s six drum synths can create pretty much any drum sound you’re chasing right from the hardware. Whether you need an acoustic sounding kick or perfect electro clap – Forget trawling your sound libraries for that perfect hi-hat or snare – get the skills to create the perfect sound for your productions and create music that is truly original!

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TUTS-Techno Music Production & Sound Design TUTORIAL

Techno Music Production & Sound Design


Dream of clubs rammed to bursting with people dancing to your tracks? Honing your sound design skills and just can’t get enough of techno? Whether you’re working on a techno classic or keen to make something a bit more modern, you’re guaranteed to walk away from this course with a bunch of new tricks to make your tracks go harder.

If you’re struggling to recreate those essential techno sounds or you just want to expand your production skills, you’ll gain plenty of techniques and ideas watching a professional at work. Utilizing some of today’s most popular software and hardware with clear explanations that can also be applied to your favourite DAWS and plugins.

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TUTS-Bass Techniques Sound Design & Production TUTORIAL

Bass Techniques Sound Design & Production


It’s time – Prepare to master bass and craft the ultimate sound for your four to the floor productions. From sexy stripped down beats to more assertive thumping basses. Learn how to design the perfect bass for your house track from scratch.

This Bass Sound Design & Production Course gives working and aspiring House producers practical instruction on how to make and process original bass sounds. Presented by professional sound designer and one of ADSR’s lead tutors, Jonny Strinati, this course guarantees you’ll walk away with a invaluable range of useable production tips and sound design techniques.

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TUTS-Sound Design Advanced Techniques TUTORIAL

Sound Design Advanced Techniques


There’s nothing worse than feeling like all the music sounds the same. Sometimes, even experienced producers need a push to break through.
Now’s the time to recharge your sonic batteries. Expose yourself to a whole range of novel sound types; discover new ways to use your existing tools and get inspired as you see each and every parameter trialled and tweaked in the process.
Featuring a series of individual sound design tutorials, this course shows you how to create more advanced sounds using a variety of methods. From FM synthesis to sampling and resampling you’ll learn to create customised sound effects, special fx, atmospheric textures and more.
Intended for sound designers who are already familiar with basic sound design principles and know their way around the software. Tutorials employ FM8, Massive, Maschine, Polyplex, Ultraloop and Logic.

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