SAMPLES-Sound OB-6 Analog Sweeps Feat Culture Vulture WAV iSO-DISCOVER

Sound OB-6 Analog Sweeps Feat Culture Vulture


OB-6 Analog sweeps is the first pack in a series that celebrates the modern day classic OB-6 analog synthesizer built by legendary synth designer Dave Smith.
There is a special warmth and organic quality that comes from an analog synthesizer – instead of ones and zeros used to create exact and precise sounds, voltages are used to generate the sounds. This way of sound creation creates non-linearities and subtle unstableness to the sound which can really make the sounds feel alive.
This pack fully dives into the sonic possibilities of the OB-6 and its filter with over 3500+ sounds (327 original and hand sculpted sweeps, each run through 10 distortion variations through the iconic Culture Vulture to create new harmonics, overtones, and brand new sounding sweeps).

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SAMPLES-Sound Soundscapes Presented By AK WAV-DISCOVER

Sound Soundscapes Presented By AK


Producer AK of Foley Essentials is back with his second pack Soundscapes. This pack will take you on a journey with its great selection of organic soundscapes of metallic drones, forest scenes, street ambiance noises, and lush chord textures.
The sounds in this pack are designed to add that extra level of atmospheric depth and life into your tracks. Layer the vinyl textures over beats to give them warmth and dirt, or add some wind & rain noises into your breakdown to create a sense of presence.

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Sound Organic Downtempo


Organic Downtempo is an amazing collection of highly usable, lush, organic sounds that lend themselves to everything from downtempo, to Deep House, Future Bass, Drum and Bass and more.
Inspired by the likes of Bonobo, Culprate, Flying Lotus and many other contemporaries, Organic Downtempo blends Crisp drum loops with unconventional percussion and foley giving you access to never heard before sounds that will keep you ahead of your peers in the scene.

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SAMPLES-Sound Factory Prophet-600 KONTAKT

Sound Factory Prophet-600


The Prophet 600 was a low-cost synthesizer based on the legendary Prophet-5 and was the world’s first synthesizer with a MIDI interface. It had six voices and the same Curtis synthesizer chips used in the Prophet-5. The envelopes and LFO were generated by the computer, and an arpeggiator and a 400-note polyphonic sequencer were also added to sweeten the deal.

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SAMPLES-Sound Factory Oberheim OB-Xa KONTAKT

Sound Factory Oberheim OB-Xa


The OB-Xa was designed as an enhanced OB-X, aiming to provide more features than its main competitor, the Prophet 5. The OB-Xa had lots of bells and whistles such as chord hold, poly glide, two LFOs and a switchable 2 or 4 pole filters. Above all, the OB-Xa retains the famous Oberheim sound. The OB-Xa excels at beefy leads, lush pads and shimmering strings.

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SAMPLES-MSXII Sound Vox Vernacular 3 WAV

MSXII Sound Vox Vernacular 3


We’re back with everyone’s favorite vocal stabs from MSXII! The Vox Vernacular 3 collection features tons of new, fresh material with the classic tone and character you love. It still features oddities that remind you of the late 60s/70s stabs heard in records we love and also includes a few female vocals phrases here. Our demo expresses just a small portion the material here. Continue to win, purchase Vox Vernacular 3 now!

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