SAMPLES-Trance Spire Inspiration A full soundbank +11 Bonus Construction Kits WAV SPiRE

Trance Spire Inspiration A full soundbank +11 Bonus Construction KitS


Jevgeni Kurnikov teams up with Myloops once again to bring us ‘Trance Spire Inspiration’ : an amazing Spire Trance Soundset, including plucks, leads, pad presets, solid basslines, FX, drum sounds, and more.
Everything you hear in the audio demo is made with presets from the Spire soundset. Inside the package, you’ll get the soundbank of 128 spire presets, and you’ll also get 11 bonus construction kits from the audio demo.
Please note that Spire v1.1.x is required to load the bank.

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SAMPLES-Ueberschall Soulful Pop Elastik SoundBank DVDR-KRock

Ueberschall Soulful Pop


Soulful Pop is a comprehensive and versatile Pop Music library which delivers over 3.8 GB of authentic, high quality Pop arrangements spiced up with a breeze of soul. The 18 song oriented construction kits (including an intro, a main part, two variations and an outro) have a musical spectrum that ranges from slow soulful songs to smooth pop songs up to classy pop rock songs.

The whole content covers a bandwidth of tempos between 59 – 100 BPM and is filled with more than 1130 loops of precision engineered instrument recordings. All drum recordings are dry and without any extra reverb.
Furthermore the library is stocked with percussions, bass lines, amped and acoustic guitars, organs, various strings, flutes, synthesizer pads, acoustic pianos, Rhodes and other electric pianos. Most of these samples get an additional polish with special gear to achieve an authentic and warm vintage sound.

Mark the Release KRock | September 26 2012 | 1.57GB
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SAMPLES-Direct Standart Releases Day 05 March 2015

Direct Standart Releases Day 05 March 2015


SAMPLES-Specific The Antidote for Virus TI
SAMPLES-MiddleThinkr Erol Hardstyle Soundbank for Access Virus
SAMPLES-Rocket Jump Hardstyle Universe for Virus TI
SAMPLES-Blast Off Polyplex Expansion
SAMPLES-Marley Marl Maschine Kit WAV
SAMPLES-Sylenth1 38.000 Presets + 888 Banks Up-Date
SAMPLES-Wobble Sounds Sylenth Presets-AUDIOSTRiKE
SAMPLES-Magnetic Pulse MiDi Ni Massive-AUDIOSTRiKE
SAMPLES-Access Virus Revealed Vol1 MIDI
SAMPLES-Access Virus Revealed Vol2 MIDI
SAMPLES-Lucid Airmax Pads Virus Ti Soundset
SAMPLES-Plughugger Blue for Virus TI
SAMPLES-CFA Thrillogy 1 for Virus TI
SAMPLES-CFA V-Bass for Virus TI
SAMPLES-Ear 2 Ear Virology Soundset for Access Virus
SAMPLES-Advanced Analog Soundset for Access Virus
SAMPLES-Fat Analog Soundset for Access Virus
SAMPLES-Rob Papen Access Virus Signature Set
SAMPLES-Ultimate X Sounds Club X Sounds Vol 2 Virus TI
SAMPLES-Kamui Virus Soundset II for Virus TI
SAMPLES-Kamui Soundset I for Virus TI
SAMPLES-Legendary Sylenth Presetbank
SAMPLES-Fireworks Sound Effects: Sylenth Presets WAV
SAMPLES-InspyaMe Sylenth Bank
SAMPLES-Deep House Propaganda WAV MiDi-AUDIOSTRiKE
SAMPLES-Unfinished Massive Darkscore V Ni Massive-AUDIOSTRiKE

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SAMPLES-Genuine Sylenth1 Soundbank Bundle Vol.1-5 MiDi Sylenth1-MAGNETRiXX

Genuine Sylenth1 Soundbank Bundle Vol.1-5

 MiDi Sylenth1 SAMPLES

‘Genuine Sylenth1 Soundbank Bundle (Vols 1-5)’ from the ultra-popular Party Design includes 168 fresh sounds for the Sylenth1 virtual instrument from Lennar Digital. This is a smokin’ hot collection of brand new, modern and fresh club sounds. These sounds are a must-have for every serious producer!

In this pack you will find sounds inspired by some of the top producers in the world. This awesome collection also contains huge numbers of brand new and great sounds which can be used to create your own style!

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Trance Soundbank for Reveal Sound’s Spire SAMPLES

Trance Soundbank for Reveal Sound’s Spire


has released its Trance Soundbank, a collection of 128 presets for the Spire software synthesizer by Reveal Sound.
My brand new soundbank for Reveal Sound’s Spire is here. With rich and powerful sounds you will find it useful for your trance productions.

It contains a whole bank of categorized presets, including basses, leads, various synth sounds, pads and a few textures and FX sounds.
All the programs have the modulation wheel assigned to morph the sounds instantly.

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Liquid Adlibs Liquid SoundBank SAMPLES

Liquid Adlibs Liquid SoundBank


If you’re in search of vocal phrases and adlibs to give your instrumental track that little extra or to add a new color or idea to your song, Liquid Adlibs is the great new library to choose from.

2300 adlibs and phrases, both verbal and non-verbal. Performed by three female and five male singers. The integrated Melodyne technology engine gives you the freedom to modify, quantize, re-groove, timestretch, pitch or change the formant of every single part of an adlib or phrase for your individual expression.

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HighLife Arsenal EDM Spire


is proud to present ‘Arsenal EDM Spire’, a soundbank for Reveal Sound’s Spire VSTi synthesizer. This soundset includes 50 presets featuring arps, bass sounds, leads and plucks and has been extremely squeezed for maximal impact for your latest EDM Dance track.
The Arps are the big goal for this product. Add a tonal kick with one of the ready Arps and you will have a massive big sound in your hands.

Usable for all EDM genres such as Big Room House, Electro, Progressive House, Duch House and Trance.
Everything you hear in the audio demo is 100% Spire Arp sounds with the exception of the drum loops and FX.
If you are not an Spire user, HighLife Samples has exported for you 35 EDM Arps in WAV format so you can use them in any DAW.
This soundbank is absolutely recommended for producers who want to make an epic dancefloor tune.

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