Utopian Soundtrack


This is the soundtrack to a musical Utopia, a stunning blend of natural soundscapes, soaring guitar melodies and blissed out electronics that will lift your music to new realms.
Written and recorded by the super talented electronica outfit Mt Wolf, this dreamy sample library features over 800MB of delicately manipulated guitar loops, analogue bass lines, deep textural sounds, dub infused drum loops, evolving tape delays, twinkling synth arpeggios and processed vocal samples.

The dreamlike tones and beautiful melodies of this sample pack make it perfect for House, Dreampop, Ambient, Electronica, Techno, soundtrack compositions and any production requiring a touch of delicate Electronica beauty.

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SAMPLES-Dystopian Soundtrack WAV

Dystopian Soundtrack


If you produce Music for Film, Electronica, Dubstep or Trip Hop, this moody cinematic collection of expertly produced construction kits will provide a wealth of inspiration and essential production tools to craft your next masterpiece with.
Dark, moody and oppressive – Dystopian Soundtrack transports you to a post-apocalyptic world somewhere in the future. A stark landscape ravaged by dehumanisation and corroded by the dark side of technology.
Created by Glen R Nichols with inspiration from science fiction’s dangerous journey into the future, this smouldering collection of deep and dark loops and samples is unsettling, gritty, sinister and atmospheric.

The sample library is packed full of film score and trailer essentials, cinematic soundscapes, dense textural noise, colossal sub basses, progressive lead lines, industrial percussion and devastating drum sounds.
Although it has been developed with film music production in mind, the raw edge of the pack also make it an ideal production tool for the tougher end of electronic music. Whether you are scoring a sci-fi blockbuster or producing a dark DNB roller or underground Dubstep banger this pack has got the sounds you need.

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SAMPLES-MediaSoftware Cinemascape II Soundtrack Construction Elements CD1-2 24BiT WAV ACiD-DYNAMiCS

MediaSoftware Cinemascape II Soundtrack Construction Elements CD1-2 24BiT


Our soundtrack-sculpting tools are designed specifically to encourage cinematographers to engage directly in shaping the emotional content of their works. Cinemascape II is an open invitation to filmmakers everywhere. Start with four royalty free, fully developed compositions that invite you to explore the impact of music and sound, and discover the ease by which these materials can be arranged in any DAW to score your scenes. Use these as-is, or as springboards for your own arrangements, and then augment your ideas by drawing from an additional folder full of sonic elements that will add depth and breadth. Unchain yourself from pre-packaged tracks and let Cinemascape sound files help you decide where you want your cuts and fades. Perfect 24-bit sonics and enormous soundstage processing guarantee that you’ll get master-quality results the moment you drop a Cinemascape file on your timeline.

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Swedish House Mafia – One Last Tour: A Live Soundtrack SAMPLES

Swedish House Mafia – One Last Tour: A Live Soundtrack


Artist : Swedish House Mafia
Album : One Last Tour: A Live Soundtrack
Genre : House/Dance
Year : 2014-04-15
Tracks : 33
Playtime : 04:20:15
Size : 521,27 MB
Codec: MPEG-4 AAC LC / M4A (Apple MPEG-4 audio) / 256 kbps

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Soundtrack Composer MULTiFORMAT SAMPLES

Soundtrack Composer


Over 100 mood evoking Cinematic Loops in 24bit, arranged into 8 professional soundtrack song kits. Suitable for use music productions & soundtrack projects.
Cancel that casting call, a star is in our midst! “Soundtrack Composer” is a scene-stealing sample super package new from PL! This fresh angle on cinematic sound delivers depth, drama and suspense to any production, from the establishing shot to the closing credits, with a wide array of atmospheres, all formatted and ready for your final cut!

Featuring 8 fully arranged scores, each evoking a different mood, you can chop, change and rearrange them all to compliment your montage or build-up to that money shot! Totaling over 100 separate loops and 35 one-shot samples specifically crafted for cinematic perfection in 24-bit high definition quality!
Characterized by deep impacts to put the punch in your plot, a selection of dissonant drones to support the shocks, drama defining minimal build-ups and drawn out strings to add the suspense “Soundtrack Composer” has a sound for every setting from inner city to outer space. The sublime variation in sound also allows you to extend your use of these tracks to computer games, award ceremonies and many other big-budget productions.

WAV:204MB | REX:185MB | LiVE:170MB | AiFF:200MB | REFiLL:350MB | MPC:213MB

DISCOVER | 29 NOVEMBER 2013 | 1.29GB
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MG Music Maker Soundtrack Edition


MG Music Maker Soundtrack Edition | 284 MB

With MG Music Maker Soundtrack Edition you can create your own movie music in no time at all. Drag & drop sounds and loops together, record virtual and real instruments, add professional effects and mix your projects in studio quality without any previous knowledge!

– Over 1500 professional sounds & loops
– Vita Instrument: String Ensemble
– BeatBox 2: Industry-standard drum machine
– Vintage Effects Suite: Classic effects for the perfect sound
– Song Maker 2: Create new great pieces of music automatically
– Search Function: Find loops, files and samples super fast
– Share great pieces of music on Facebook & SoundCloud
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